The 5pm Post – Fusion Restaurant’s Customer Appreciation Day

Sorry for the late notice. From an email:

“Customer appreciation day is Tuesday June 28th from 5pm-9pm complement cocktail ,wine and beer and appetizer”

Fusion is located at 4815 Georgia Ave, NW.

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  • Awesome, will definitely try to stop by!

  • I have always enjoyed their food but had a thoroughly disappointing meal there the other night, the spinach salad that is so famous for being a less expensive alternative to the one at Rasika was drenched in oil, it was heavy and lacked the spice I’m used to. The lamb roganjosh was equally underwhelming. I really hope it was an off night – I always liked Fusion 🙁

  • I like the food – at least I have during the 3 or 4 trips I’ve made over the last year or two. But I really have no idea how they stay in business – high prices and there never seems to be anyone inside.

    Is it ever busy?

  • My wife and I go there fairly often. It’s usually pretty busy when we go. They have a good happy hour. We go for the food, not the drink.
    I like that little strip with the Pizza Moroni and RAS, it does a lot for the neighborhood. I bet the Chinese takeout does the most business. It’ll be great if more shops open on the blocks around them.

  • Stopped by for a few drinks last night, chatted with PoP briefly, watched the place fill up with (I assume) lots of regular customers.
    Happy Birthday Barry – your customers appreciate you too.

  • I hope you all fun people had a good time

  • A delight. Thanks, Barry. Nice to run into so many neighbors, too.

  • I’ve enjoyed Fusion on a handful of occasions and really want to see it succeed, for Barry as well as for the neighborhood, which sorely needs good places like this. That said, I can’t see HOW it can survive by continuing to charge downtown prices in this location, no matter how good the food, especially given the relative small portions served at Fusion. Frankly, the prices are comparable to Masala Art in Tenley, which has the demographics to support these prices, unlike Petworth. I would probably eat a Fusion a couple of times a month rather than once every 2-3 months were it priced more reasonably for the neighborhood.

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