Stabbing at Fruit Bat Bar at 1236 H St, NE on Friday Night

Around midnight last night a victim was stabbed inside the bathroom at Fruit Bat located at 1236 H St, NE. The victim was quickly taken to the hospital and remains in stable condition. The suspect fled and no arrest was made. As usually happens after incidents like this, there will likely be an emergency closure of Fruit Bat. Fruit Bat will remain open during the investigation.

I don’t know anything about the victim, the assailant, or the circumstances of what/why it happened. I hope to update when more info becomes available.

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  • A rather unusual crowd frequents that place, so it’s really hard to speculate on what happened.

  • Sucks, I hope the victim wasnt too badly injured and Eric gets the business back up and running soon

  • ..y’all were not as forgiving when incidents happened at the H Street Martini Lounge. I have no doubt that race/class plays into it.

    • always best to assume racism. that’s the internet way.

    • I checked out the original post about this. I’d say you re-read it. All the thoughts regarding race/class come from one poster, who is most likely black. He said he goes to a lot of black clubs in DC — I think it’s unlikely he’s white, hispanic, or Asian. He seems concerned over the plight he perceives black clubs in DC to be in.

    • only 3 post to idiocy. nicely done.

    • People obviously didn’t get that the Godwin’s Law comment was sarchastic

  • @ the venice peenice: What do mean by “unusual crowd”? Unusual how?

    Personally, I’m not a fan of Mr. Holzerr’s ‘craft cocktails’– most strike me as overthought and underexecuted. I know a lot of people who do like them, however, and I hope he is able to get it up and running asap.

  • Eh J not so sure about that one. Now if you want to contrast that versus XII you may have a point. Although there have been a ton of incidents there.

  • “Unusual crowd”? What are you talking about? The bar is a nice place. It takes one degenerate assclown to blow up the DC blogosphere.

  • I was there-the guy got stabbed in the left, lower-quadrant of his abdomen. Ambulance took at least 10 minutes to arrive, though his wound wasn’t too deep. I’m guessing 30 stitches to close him up. Oh and to settle the debate, the fellow was black

  • I’ve been to Fruit Bat many times and have always felt comfortable and had a good time. I’m totally puzzled by the “unusual crowd” comment.

  • For what it’s worth, according to Tommy Wells’ on Twitter, “Fruit bat will not be closed re:last nites stabbing. They did everything right according to MPD. A lesson to all.”

  • So sorry to hear that! Fruit Bat is a very nice bar.

  • No tampering with crime scene evidence? No “accidentally deleted” secruity camera footage? Anyone who wants to reference past H St NE incident(s), please feel free to correct.

  • … and in the case of Sticky Rice getting shut down by ABRA, does “hipster” qualify as a race or ethnicity?

  • Gotta love DC blog readers over-exaggerating any situation. I was not at the Fruit Bat when the stabbing happened, but I did sit with the victim for a while beforehand upstairs and came back to the bar after the situation. He is a nice guy, was insistent on buying everyone drinks in the bar – that was not what made him nice, but probably did lead to the attempted robbery. First judgments might have been wasted fool, but after chatting with him, he was quite interesting and guy just visiting DC for the night and out on the town without his family. It is sad that some moron had to take that away from him.

  • A fruit bar – I think msnbc has a lot of nerve labeling a bar as a fruit bar. I bet straight people frequent it as well!

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