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I’m hearing multiple reports of how many people were shot but it is not clear to me how many people. It seems at least one person has died but that is not confirmed. It appears that there may have been a stabbing as well. DCfireems tweets:

“update – shootings/stabbings – EMS evaluated & transportsed total 6 inj – Ga Av from 2 locations – Ga & Gresham Pl and Ga & Bryant st NW”

This happened around 5:20pm Sat. afternoon.

Will update when more info becomes available.


There was a stabbing at 430pm at Georgia Ave and W St, NW with one arrest.

4 people were shot at 515pm at Georgia Ave and Gresham St, NW (one has been pronounced)

One domestic assault with arrest at 530pm at Georgia Ave and Fairmont St, NW.

There was a big fight at Georgia and New Hampshire Ave, NW in front of the CVS with one young male knocking out another.

A reader writes about the fight and sends in video:

“ran out to the balcony and saw two groups running towards cvs. guy was being beaten by two people until he lost consciousness. i called the cops, who were in the area anyway, and it looks like the victim was ok.”

The Washington Post reports:

Assistant D.C. Police Chief Diane Groomes said the shooting had no connection to the festival or the university. Investigators think it stemmed from a neighborhood issue, she said.

Three of the four shooting victims were from outside the neighborhood, police officials said.

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