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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: DC Tri this weekend!

    Rant: Swimming in the Potomac River

  • Rant: Observed a Parking Enforcement officer cruising down the street, both hands off the steering wheel so she could eat her slice of watermelon.

    • Is that for real or a racist joke?

      • For real. It makes me so nervous to see people doing things like that!

      • Why are you assuming it’s racist? He/she could have been referring to one of the many white parking enforcement officers.

        • +1

          I’m a white guy who loves watermelon. I’ll never understand why watermelon is associated with black people. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a single person (white, black, asian, etc.) that doesn’t like watermelon. I find it very odd that this stereotype even exists.

          • “Just cuz I eat Chicken and Watermelon they think that something’s wrong with me. Let me tell you somethin if you don’t like chicken and watermelon, something is wrong with you, there is something wrong with you! Where are all these people who don’t like Chicken and Watermelon? I’m sick of hearing about how bad it is, it’s great!”

            -Dave Chappelle

          • I’ll eat watermelon occasionally but I’m not crazy about it. It can be a bit too sweet and it’s usually too messy. It certainly wouldn’t be my first choice of fruit to eat in the car– that woman’s must have sticky residue all over it.

          • I actually cannot stand melons of any kind. Not the taste – but the texture – I cannot eat them. Watermelon is the worst.

  • Rave: stellar weather this week!

  • Rant: Friend got her iPhone snatched right from her hand by a little punk on wheels while waiting to meet me for the Yeasayer concert at 9:30 last night (watch your phones people).

    Rave: Yeasayer concert still rocked. It’s Friiiiday Friiiiday (you know the song) and I have tickets to Aziz Ansari at the Wawner Theater tonight. woooooo.

    Rant: Rory McIllroy is making this U.S. Open a snore show right now.

    • Fear not, we learned in April that he needs at least a 12 shot lead to be safe. Which he may have in a couple of hours….

  • rant/rave: women. god love’em.

  • Rant: the OBNOXIOUS protesters of inflatable rat fame outside my office window for the last week at Connecticut and N. How to make them shut up?!

    • Compel their employer to treat employees with respect.

      • … because I can do more than call this random company and say, “Hey, pay fair wages.” All I know about the company they’re protesting is that it’s a construction company doing work in a nine story office building across the street from my office…

        The protesters have won no friends and no sympathy from anyone around here.

      • They would get more respect from me if it was actually the workers doing the picketing. They hire scabs to do it for them, often hiring the homeless (yes, the union will PAY somebody to sit outside to protest low wages). I am by no means anti-union, but it’s this sh*t that gives them a bad name. That and the incessant noise making interrupting the work of people who have absolutely no power to intervene on their behalf (and, yes, our office branch of a Fortune 500 company formally did try and met a brick wall with the construction firm).

        • … I think that’s why it’s espeically grating. Plus, to add insult to injury, I was walking back from lunch last week as the guys with the inflatable rat were shutting down for the day. As the passenger got in their car, he threw an empty plastic water bottle on the street. I thought for a second that he might be throwing to the side while he adjusted something, but when he didn’t, I knocked on the window and asked. … and he basically told me to screw off (the driver told me I should worry about “real problems” like low wages). Again: real sympathy coming from this corner.

        • I agree, I will take the unions seriously whenthey pay their protestors living wages and benefits like health insurance. They need to pay their workers what they expect from their contracts.

        • scabs are people who cross a picket line, not people who are hired to protest on behalf of union members.

    • I heart Rent-a-Rat!

      • I have a good friend who works for a union. Sometimes at pickets he’s the guy who has to bring the rat and inflate it. He might be there right now.

    • Simple solution: casually walk by the rat, pin in hand.

  • Rave: I love my job 😀
    Rant: I wish I made just a tad bit more money.

    • Get yourself an inflatable rat, a random array of homeless people and irritate the crap out of everyone outside your office.

  • Rave: I finally figured out what OP stands for.

  • rant. seeing more racism towards white people than towards the “oppressed”. I’ve never said one offensive thing to any minority, but have had “whitey” and “cracker girl” amongst other insults hurled in my direction just by walking down the street (happened when I lived in DC, and happens to me now in Philly). I’m sick of it, but if you say anything like “excuse me?”, you get called a racist.

    rave. I try not to let it bother me and just realize that my life is better without all of the inner hate that fills these people.

    rave. it’s friday and neither my boyfriend or I are sick as we have been for the past 3 weekends, so we get to go out!!

    • me

      I get that too. I’m glad you don’t let it bother you… I’m still working on it. Daily. 🙂

      • oh man, don’t get me wrong, it does still bother me! I just *try* 🙂 I have to remind myself that I can’t bring myself to stereotype and stoop to their level everytime someone says something.

    • Seems to happen to my wife a lot, but never to me. She has pointed out a neighbor who pulls that crap and I went to talk to him to see if he’d say anything like that to me, he was pretty quiet.

      • Which makes me pose this informal poll: guys, when you hear about “your women” being harassed, how many of you will confront the person after the fact, and how many say nothing? I’m not talking about a physical confrontation, more a verbal one.

    • This pisses me off to no end. I have to resist the urge to yell back “blackie!”, which I feel is a slur of more or less equal insult as “cracker”. Plus, that would be a sure-fire way of escalating it to the level of physical violence.

      • That would do it. I was at Safeway last week and a black guy came up to me and started telling me redneck jokes. I was pretty shocked, but he did start with “No offense, but . . .” so it was okay. He must have been drinking. The cashier almost passed out. I let it ride, No point in slinging any black jokes I know just to get punched in the head.

        • No doubt. I admire the way you let that slide.

          On the funny side of that coin: in my old (rougher than current) neighborhood, I went out to my car one evening to get something out of the trunk. A group of young black guys were drinking and leaning on a nearby car. When they saw me, one of them yelled out “what’s up, white man?” in kind of a menacing way. Without thinking (perhaps unwise), I yelled back “how’s it going, black guys?”

          They all busted out laughing and that was the end of that. I think they were just testing to see if I was the type to easily be intimidated.

          • LOL! (And I’m glad it turned out OK.)

          • Emmaleigh504

            huh. All this time in my head you were a middle-aged black guy, with slight greying of hair at your temples. Now I’ve got to come up with a completely new imaginary look for you.

          • Wuh?! Where did that come from? I mean, I get it, because I have mental pictures of some of the commenters here, but that’s a weird one (because it’s so off the mark) 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think I combined all the people with Street or Road in their name into the same guy. It’s kind of bizarre when I think about it because it’s a pretty specific image and for most people I have a more vague image.

            I’ve decided now you will be a mid-30s man of Italian decent who likes to wear Belgians.

          • Well that wouldn’t work for me since I’m a girl.

            I always pictured TSM as a mid-30s man of Italian descent. I must have come up with the Italian part because the word Taylor makes me think of Taylor Gourmet.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Ok 8th Street, for now on in my head you look like Diana Vishneva and your favorite shoes are hot pink.

    • You get called a racist by whom? The idiots who’ve already hurled racial epithets at you?

      I do agree that it’s healthier for you to just vent the anger quickly and then let it go, but I think that there needs to be more awareness that racism is a two-way street. Or are there people who still don’t know that?

      • Some black people think it’s impossible for black people to be racist. Some kinda weird logic similar to ‘owning’ the N word. They can do it, but you can’t.

        • I understand, but the basic thrust of my question was why she’d care about the opinion of such a fucking idiot.

  • Rant: My adventure in being car-less for the week is losing its charm.

    This morning’s metro car with broken A/C was a steam room. Granted, a relatively pleasant smelling steam room since it was crammed with all the freshly showered masses, but hot and sticky and humid and not the way I wanted to start the day.

    After escaping that car, I transfer trains only to get on the train going in the wrong direction. I apparently can’t differentiate between one suburb of Virginia and another suburb of Maryland.

    After getting on the right train, it’s delayed. The delay on the train means that I miss the bus to my office park which only comes once every half hour, if you’re lucky.

    So I elect to walk, which is fine – it’s a beautiful morning and it’s only about a mile and a half. But my slightly impractical shoes are not walking shoes. Now I get to enjoy having a blister on the absolute middle of the ball of one foot. Blisters on the bottom of feet just shouldn’t be allowed to happen. It should be against the laws of the universe or something.

    And once I get my centuries-old computer to turn on, the majority of my emails seem to be from coworkers who have come down with a stomach bug.

    I’m ready for the weekend already.

  • Revel: Date tonight and so happy for the weekend so I can catch up on some much need sleep (and time zone adjustment) and relaxing time!

    Rant: Nervous for said date…and having a hard time adjusting to being at work after being on vacation. When do I get to go on vacation again?

    • me

      Oh, shut up- I haven’t been on vacation in 4.5 years! 😉

      • Awww…well to be fair it wasn’t really a vacation…I was in a wedding…so really more intense family time. But I feel you…before this last week I hadn’t been on a vacation for 2.5 years!

        I wish the US would adopt the European holiday schedule.

      • I haven’t been on a date in 4.5 years. ; )

  • Rant: after 3 years I got a 2% cost of living raise one fo the few in my office to get something.

    Rant: the same boss/owner has bought a second home on 25 acres, a lexus, a convertible volvo, and vacations worldwide often over the last three years

    p.s. he doesn’t know how to say “thank you” either

  • Rave: People Under the Stairs and Count Bass D at Rock n’ Roll hotel last night were AMAZING

    Rant: I am too old to be hungover at work on a Friday. Forgot how terrible it is.

  • Bear

    Rave: Getting closer to making travel arrangements for South Africa. Looks like the last three weeks in August!

    Rave: Being wooed by a handsome Mediterranean man. I don’t really think there’s long-term potential, but it is certainly fun for now.

    • What does that flight cost?

      • Bear

        The cheapest I’m seeing now is $1500, but I’m not sure it’s going to work for my schedule. Might be more like $1800. Good thing it’s a work trip, and they’re paying…

  • Rave: Heading to the town in PA where I went to college.

    Rant: I’m going because my adviser’s 22 year old son was killed by a drunk driver in Hilo, HI at the end of may and its his memorial service. He was a great kid who will be greatly missed by everyone who crossed his path. I hope the 41 year old man who drove drunk, without insurance and without a license and killed him rots in hell.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I’m not cranky!

  • rave: the beautiful weather this week and an upcoming trip to see friends and family.

    rant: i am at my wits end when it comes to my neighborhood (mt pleasant). i simply cannot walk outside without getting harassed and leered at by men. i could be wearing a mumu and they would still eye-rape me. it makes me so angry and i have no options to say or do anything. what is wrong with these guys? i am not including any details of race but if you are a women in this area you know the men i am referring to. i am worried what it is doing to me and my impression of my neighborhood and men in general. any suggestions for a healthy and safe way of dealing with this are welcome.

    • You could walk on the other side of the street? Or at least not show them any reaction, postive or negative. If only these men were forced to walk in a woman’s shoes for a day an experience the objectification you describe. [Not suggesting they do drag, but you get the message].

    • The best thing for me is confronting the harasser in a calm, even-tempered way. I know it might not make a difference, but it makes me feel better sometimes.

      Also, the ladies at Hollaback DC are great. They might be able to provide you with some good resources on different ways of coping with street harassment.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    “Today we recovered six bicycles that were all found in the area near 1st and Q Sts, NW. We cannot account for their origin and are looking to see if any were taken from persons or homes in the area.

    If you are missing a bike, please get in touch with Officer William Clarke, included on this email (“Clarke, William (MPD)” [email protected]>,), and we will work with you to see if any of the six is yours.

    Andy Solberg
    Commander, 5D”

  • RAVE: made my first pesto last night with fresh basel from my backyard. It was yummy!

    RAVE: kids went to Nats game Wednesday and got to GO ON THE FIELD beforehand and meet the players. Both were shown on the jumbotron.

    • I need to do that– my basil plant is going crazy.

      • Yes, don’t waste it. Good recipe on the internet. And thanks for showing me the correct spelling. I knew that!

      • Mine started bolting, and since it’s
        a) a 2 year old plant, and
        b) I got tired of clipping off all the flowers daily

        I just gave up and let it do it’s thing. No basil this year. 🙁

        • I actually don’t know about basil. What happens if it starts flowering? Is it necessary to trim the leaves regularly? One of mine got really big and bushy. The other started going to seed, so I cut them both back. Will they keep providing for the whole summer?

          • From what I’ve read, if you let them flower, the leaves can turn bitter… It was so determined to flower, though, that I just let it go.

            I’ll plant some seeds again next year. I did a poor job of pruning, so the plant is very leggy and woody and doesn’t give a lot of leaves anyway.

    • Emmaleigh504

      So jealous of your basil! Mine is taking forever to grow.

  • Rant: When I glance at the ads on this page, I always think Brandon Green is smirking at me in preparation for smacking me with an autographed baseball bat.

    Revel: I’m sure Mr. Green would never do such a thing.

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