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  • thumbs up.

  • So this is brand-new construction, right?

    I like that they made an effort (with the oval-topped windows) to blend with the nearby architecture.

    Maybe not the most inspiring new architecture ever (it looks kinda institutional, like it might be housing a small school), but I’m glad that they tried to fit with the existing architecture — I can think of too many new buildings that haven’t.

  • i like it, but to be judgmental, i’d say that the panel insets need sculptural detailing, and the bricked up window space could use some enhancement as well. a little balcony area over the pop out would be nice too.

    even though as stated above, it’s not very innovative aesthetically, find it pretty hard to knock this style. i like it a lot.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I like it! I can see how it leans institutional, but I think once people move in it won’t anymore.

  • Dig it but it looks like they are still going to add a cornice… i hope…

  • Great effort. At least it fits in with the neighborhood. I hope they embellish the windows and cornice. It would give it even more character. I’m not fond of that particular brick. It always seems to bleed but overall well done. Can’t wait to see the inside.

  • Looks good and better than a lot of projects in the city. If there is a nice cornice it’ll look even better. I’m of the opinion that unless you have the money to do some really cool contemporary project (German TV in Georgetown for example) then just stick to a style like this.

  • Very nice. This house and the one at the northeast corner of 15th and Swan are to be praised for making the effort and succeeding. Congratulations!

  • thumbs up. i appreciate the effort to compliment the building next door instead of using it as an opportunity to make an architectural statement. good job.

  • It’s fine, but it could have been better than fine. It’s too flat, safe, Federal-style – the default DC ‘historical-ish’ look – for this area, which is more busy Victorian. I absolutely given them credit for trying — the round-top windows for instance – I just wish they’d pushed it further. I know I am being picky, but if you are going to try be historic-looking, you should aim at the right era. Otherwise, go contemporary and be of the current moment. Still, it’s not bad and far far better than a vacant lot.

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