Italiano Cafe Coming Opens up at 1113 V St, NW

There were some doubters back in early May…

“Dear PoP,

Italiano cafe at 12th & V is open- pretty standard menu of pizza, pasta, panini etc. Open until 12 weekdays and 2am weekends – hope they make it in this off the beaten path location, and that their customers are considerate of the neighbors! I got a small pizza, it was pretty good…”

Also they deliver to a 2 mile radius (202-986-4646). You can see their menu here.

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  • I also see that the barber shop next to them has closed. Not sure this is a great spot for anything but residental

  • To test my jumbo slice theory from the original post, I walked by there on my home from American Ice. They were open and yes, I was able to get a jumbo slice. I did take my crusts home with me, however.

  • Looks like the (residential?) upstairs is painted cream and the downstairs is painted yellow. IMO, it would look better if they were both painted cream.

  • ha, love the ridiculous whiteboard sign.

  • OMG, anon is right on, it is a painting nightmare. Someone please put an end to this travesty at once.

  • Spott’s barbershop moved to 9th & U/Florida. The building is being sold by the landlord. Early rumors was to someone interested in opening a small restaurant.

    That block of V is still zoned mixed used – commercial/residential. The other corner of V, 11th and V, used to be a good sized diner that was closed and torn down when the condo building went up.

  • This place sucks. The food is only mediocre, the owners are rude.

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