Good Deal or Not? “Spacious former 3br” edition

This home is located at 609 Acker St, NE:

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The flier says:

“SPACIOUS VICTORIAN ON A GREAT NEIGHBORLY ONE-BLK STREET. Spacious former 3br with open floor plan and family flow. Storage Everywhere! Large master br, 2nd br w/ walk-in closet, huge full bath + half bath, new front-load W/ D, pull-down attic stairs. Many original features including warm exposed brick walls, mellow oak floors, wood burning fireplace. Rear brick patio for private dining and grilling,”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/1.5 is going for $621,777 – sound right? This is a good example of a 3 bed converted to a 2 bed – you like the way it turned out?

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  • I dig the finishes and the layout, but especially the upstairs laundry.

    On the other hand, I’m not sure losing the 3rd bedroom was such a hot idea financially. The second bedroom is still small and they should have had enough space to have a 2/2 with no problem.

    Interesting to see how this sells.

  • not a fan. seems like the second bedroom is still so small you can only comfortably fit a twin, and what’s with the sliding doors to the bedroom? the laundry room wastes a lot space, and maybe it’s just a funky angle/lens, but the bathroom seems weird too.

    • The bathroom *is* the laundry room. (The skylight is the tipoff.) The bathroom/laundry/storage room had to have been the former back bedroom.

      Better layout: put the two bedrooms on either side of the house for best sun exposure. Place two bathrooms in the center of the house — one accessible off the master, the other from the hallway. Sorry, I can’t think of a single reason why you’d renovate a house like this one was.

      -$50k for making me have to re-do the entire top floor.

  • If only I could afford that. I would take that place in a second.

  • i LOVE capitol hill! only blocks to everywhere!

  • seems like a good price for being in capitol hill proper.

    • I’m not sure that’s the best part of capitol hill, but maybe people like it.

      • I’d love to buy a place in that location. Close to the Red Line and H Street. Stanton Park is quite nice as well.

      • Might not be the best part of capitol hill, but at least when you say you live in capitol hill, you won’t get funny looks and people doubting you, like all those poor souls near 14th & F.

  • Looks like a pretty nice place and the price seems good for the location and size.

  • andy

    wife and i looked at a redone house on this block. small outside space as i think it’s a former alley, but interior was nicely redone. neighbors outside appeared friendly and said the block was quite nice.

  • I wish this one had a Mouse on House-type tour… I was having trouble figuring out where the former third bedroom went.

    Did it maybe go to make way for the (rather large-looking) bathroom and the laundry/storage area at the back (?) of the house?? While the upstairs W/D is appealing, the bathroom looks like maybe it’s bigger than it needs to be, and the hallway area around the W/D also looks like wasted space. Perhaps better use could have been made of the available space.

    I like how the stove and microwave are nestled into the fireplace/chimney. The kitchen overall looks very nice; the cherry cabinets have a nice “warm” look to them.

    I don’t like the blue tile in the bathroom; it doesn’t fit with the “look” of the rest of the bathroom. I’m also puzzled as to why the bathroom has wooden floors. I guess if this used to be the third bedroom, that would explain it, but wooden floors in a bathroom — especially in a household that has a kid, as this one apparently does — seem mighty impractical.

    As with the “interior-designer-owned” house that was profiled the other day, I’m surprised that the real estate agent didn’t do a little more decluttering before taking photos (even if the stuff would still be there for actual viewings). Seems like the personal possessions in the coat rack (photo 4), the rack holding various toys (photos 4 and 5), and the name “ERICA” on the back of the bedroom door (photo 13) could easily have been removed.

  • I wonder if it’s a mistake to advertise that this used to have three bedrooms. Can people tell that it used to be a 3BR? Would the comments be very different if they hadn’t revealed that it used to have 3BRs?

    • I kinda wondered about that too… I think the idea they’re trying to convey is: “It’s a two-bedroom house, but it’s a BIG two-bedroom house!”

  • What makes that granite “exotic” in the kitchen?

    Like the house. Like the neighborhood – it is my favorite part of Capitol Hill. Blocks to H St NE and not far from everything the SE has to offer…

  • Not a Good Deal check out the EYA homes by National Stadium new construction plenty of restaurants

  • I love the location. I think its a great looking house. However, I wonder if in this location over 600k is too much for a small house, with only 2brs and only 1.5bas, no parking, very little outdoor space, and very unlikely to have much usable space in the basement. This place is priced 100k more, is in a better location, has an extra bedroom, an extra full bath, less attractive interior, more space, plus a rental unit in the basement and it hasnt sold in 3 months.

    This is a tough one. I say it needs to come down a little. I think it will stay on the market for a while at this price.

    Who knows, though. It is a nice place – just seems like the price should be in the high 500s.

    • The place you linked to that is priced $100K more also needs an updated bathroom and kitchen in the main unit (and perhaps in the rental too depending on what similar rentals have). Maybe that’s why it’s been sitting for three months.

    • I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Capitol Hill is the hottest market in the city right now. This will be gone within the month at or above asking.

  • The link to the house on Constitution (frankly realty link) as I her tell REEKS of cigarette smoke and is filthy. It also doesn’t have much outdoor space and is on a major commuter route. Ain’t going nowhere anytime soon if that is true. and the house on Acker went under contract in less than a week I believe.

  • I can’t imagine paying $600K+ for a house with only 1.5 bathrooms. Even on Capitol Hill. Even close to H Street.

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