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  • Well, after all of the wisdom teeth removal and other dental/oral surgery problems I’ve had over the past year, I can understand keeping a toothbrush handy everywhere you go. I’m now that guy who brushes his teeth after lunch in the restroom at work. Though, I wouldn’t keep it exposed like this, but rather enclose it in a toothbrush holder.

  • Looks like it’s a kids toothbrush that lights up. Maybe a raver? ^_~


  • i’m an obsessive brusher and brush after every meal. this is a great idea to me.

  • There is nothing hygienic about this. Most scenarios I can conjure here are just gross.

  • The owner is clearly a socially active single Washingtonian. Rather than have to share a toothbrush with their latest conquest — always icky regardless of what else has been swapped — they arrive prepared and are able to do their drive of shame with fresh breath and a bright smile.

  • The toothbrush holder must be the flower vase that has been offered as an option in all VW bugs since the beginning. Heard about this on NPR over the weekend. Apparently the new model won’t have this option anymore as they are trying to appeal more to men.

  • Jim Graham will be crushed.

  • Maybe they’re OCD about having a clean car and are using the toothbrush to brush out the crevices of the dashboard while they’re stopped at lights.

  • That’s strange. You know what else is strange? Walking around peering into random parked cars, then taking pictures and posting them online.

  • I’m guessing he/she is a Firefly fan and “Serenity” wasn’t available as a plate and had to go with a subtle nod…

  • This is hilarious! I own this car and a good friend told me that rather than put a flower in the flower holder, put a toothbrush in there! Thanks for the comments and no, I am not a dentist, and yes, I do brush at least twice a day…

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