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  • This place has the tastiest food!

  • I’ve wanted to go here for a while. What is the best thing on the menu from the people who have eaten there?

    • i had a falafel that was pretty good.

    • We usually pick up a kebob platter (lamb or beef) that comes with a side, salad and fresh bread. Be sure to pick up a baba ganoush appetizer too. Nice portions. Very friendly people behind the counter; I’m happy they seem to be doing well.

    • Chicken kabob with chick peas on the side is awesome. This man knows how to do up chick peas and kabobs.

  • Everyone should eat at the red toque! other than the food being awesome, the owner is super awesome! I was dining there for my first time with friends the other day when a hungry/homeless person walked in and asked how much food she could get for what money she had. The owner asked if she was hungry and she said yes and that she was trying to feed her and her friend. The owner took her money but produced more food than what that money would normally purchase. What an awesome act of kindness! Anyway, EAT HERE! NOW! 🙂

  • I’m glad they finally got an awning (or any sign for that matter) because it was hard to tell that there was a restuarant or anything else in that space.

  • The food here is great and inexpensive. I’ve gotten take out from here three different times and have yet to be disappointed (Falafel, lamb, their side dishes… all great). And I agree with Ustreetmike that the owner is super nice.

    So maybe I’m being picky… but I wish they got a nicer sign. I’m afraid people will look at that sign, look at the chinese take out next door with a similar awning sign, and won’t come in. Which would be too bad since the food is authentic, cheap, and tasty.

    • I agree. It is too bad they didn’t come up with a little more distinctive signage. It looks too much like all the low-quality takeout places.
      On a separate note, does anyone know if Red Toque delivers?

      • claire

        They do indeed deliver, and in my experience, it’s been quick and easy. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy having a good restaurant like this nearby!

        I love their lamb kabob sandwich (or the platter if I want leftovers for later). And their veggie samosas are super tasty as well.

  • Super good place. Hard to pass up good food like this (especially at those prices). This is one of the great new places in Shaw (along with Beau Thai).

  • It’s nice to see neighborhood businesses helping each other – that sign looks like it was made by the guys on the corner of NY and NJ ave.

  • Agreed, this place, along with Beau Thai, are fantastic additions to the neighborhood. We’re working our way through the menu and find a new favorite each time. The kabob sandwiches are wrapped in a delicious pita- we’re especially digging the chicken kabob sandwich and lamb kabob sandwich. The kefta platter is really good too!

    Great to see the place is finally getting its sign, though I wish it were a little less similar to the Yum or “Fresh Seafood Carry-out” places around town.

    Place has a lot of potential… in the mean time: great taste, lots of food, not too hard on the wallet.

  • I like the place a lot, but would it kill them to take care of the weeds growing out front? It’s the little things that make an impression on people.

  • Chicken Kabob = great and inexpensive. Hummus = best I’ve had in DC.

  • The chicken kabob and kofta kabob sandwiches are great… and as others have said, the owner and staff are super friendly. Aesthetically I’m not loving the sign, but hey, if the bright yellow draws people’s attention to Red Toque, I’m all for it!

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