Dear PoPville – Has El Salvadoreño closed?

“Dear PoP,

El Salvadoreño on 14th and Parkwood Pl, NW. Is it closed? Please? Lights have been off and there hasn’t been any traffic there in a couple weeks. Police in the neighborhood said “shady” things would go on there in there so maybe they finally cracked down? Would love to see Panam expand or that great space get turned into something nicer.”

I’ve actually heard some rumors that the Panam International Supermarket was thinking about expanding but I had heard they were going to expand up. Does anyone shop at Panam?

Anyone else happen to notice if El Salvadoreño has closed?

I’ll be sure to update as details emerge.

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  • Panam is awesome! Especially their produce section. In the summer you can get 15 limes for $1, compared to 2 for 1$ at Giant. 15!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw. Good prices on the other produce items as well. Never tried the meat or seafood. The olive oil is cheap too.

    • +1. Incredible. And want a good pork shoulder for brining and grilling. Panam is THE spot. They will cut you what you need, and it’s cheap? Making chicken stock, just have the quarter the fresh chicken with the saw.

  • I really like stopping in at PanAm for the random odds and ends, but damn is it a tight space in there! It would be great if they could expand over to absorb El Salvadoreno.

    When I step through the doors at PanAm, it’s like being instantly transported to a small town in Central America. Cool.

  • Have they fixed the smell at PanAm? I could never get past the rotting-meat-spiked-with-ammonia atmosphere in there. And it’s so consistent that I assume they have a problem with their drains or something.

  • can anyone speak to the hot pepper selection at PanAm? mainly looking for a good supply of fresh serranos and poblanos, plus maybe some dried ancho.

    also, if anyone knows where i can get espazote, that’d be awesome (i’m guessing bestway, but haven’t gotten there in a little while).

    • As an educated guess based on their general supply of produce and the massive numbers of jalepenos there, I’d say ‘yes’ to the serranos and poblanos. Definitely worth a look.

    • You can get a package of approximately 20 serrano peppers for about $2.50 there.

    • Yes, they have a great selection of hot peppers, definitely always have poblanos, serranos, anchos, and many more both fresh and dry. Also happens to be where I buy my epazote and any other specialty ingredients for central American and Mexican cooking. I love this since I cook a lot of Mexican food and live right around the corner from Panam. I used to have all these recipes I wanted to try, but could never get the ingredients, now they’re a couple doors away.

      • Man, you’re making me hungry and I’m literally eating my lunch as I type!
        We have a beautiful Mexican cookbook that I’m starting to think we should make much more use of! Time for a PanAm trip.

  • I hope that place shut down! It was so shady. I went with a few friends once because I thought it might be my new favorite hangout and we got patted down, stared at the whole time, the liquor/beer was served from the back behind bars, they wouldn’t let us go downstairs (I think they had prostitutes down there) and my friend’s credit card got billed 2 x’s (I told him not to use it and to use cash instead). Let’s hope the supermarket can expand because it is great but is crowded and could use a face lift.

  • bfinpetworth

    Panam is one of the things I miss since moving from CH to Petworth. Although I could still drive, it doesn’t really occur to me.

    I don’t speak a lick of spanish, so shopping there was sometimes challenging – especially the meat counter. And by the way, the meat there is very good. Limited cuts but the fajita steak is awesome, as are the short ribs. Sausages look good too.

    Regarding the smell – just get used to it. I suspect that Giant and other modern supermarkets would smell the same way if they didn’t have enourmous ventilation systems. Raw meat smells.

  • Bear

    I went to PanAm on Sunday and came home with 5 giant pork chops, a whole pineapple, a can of tomatoes, a can of black beans, a red onion, a yellow onion, about 25 serranos, 2 green bell peppers, a bunch of fresh cilantro, and 8 limes.

    Total: just over $13.00.

  • El Salvadoreño – You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  • El Salvadoreno was a hive of underage prostitution.

    Illegal activities in the Hispanic community? Somebody call Jim Graham! He’ll be right over to make sure the police back off and DC’s unwritten sanctuary city policy continues!

    Now we need the Exxon to close… What gas station is allowed to operate as a parking lot with over 30+ cars at one time?

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