Shooting in H St, NE and Mt. Vernon Square Last Night (Early Sun. Morning)

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At 3am @dcfireems reported at shooting on the 1300 Block of H St, NE. Unfortunately no more info has been released by MPD as of 10:12am this morning. Since that block is home to many of the popular restaurants/bars on H St, NE if anyone happened to have been in the area please let us know what happened in the comments or email me at princeofpetworth (at)gmail More info when it becomes available.

Update from MPD:

“At 0300 hrs an ADW Gun occured at 1300 H St NE south alley. Complainant states he was standing in the alley when a vehicle appoached and shots were fired at him. He was struck in the groin.”

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MPD reports:

“Around 0345 this morning, Third District Officers were called to the area of 7th and N for the sounds of gunshots. Further investigation revealed an adult male was shot several times and taken to a local hospital. Recovered from the area were 2 handguns. Anyone that may have witnessed or has any information relating to this incident is encouraged to call 202-727-9099.”

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  • Frozen Tropics has more on the NE shooting this morning. It didn’t happen on H Street, but one block south on Linden Court.

  • I guess it’s getting warm out.

  • Bummer… PoP, there’s some fresh blood stains in the Giant stairwell, between the 1st and 2nd level parking garages. This morning there was a dried pool, smears on the handrail, and drips going down another flight or so. Know anything about this? Looks like the scene of a stabbing.

  • First one to invent the juvenile gun detector wins a prize.

  • I hate to say this, and I know its wrong to think this way, but every time I read one of these posts I inadvertantly think “another black male shot by a black male in the ghetto…yawn”. Its just so common-place that it is hard to care, especially when I think so much of the DC violence is drug or gang-related. not saying this its right, just being honest.

  • Hey POP,

    Do you remember when you uncommonly went off on someone’s comments a few months ago? I think it’s ok to pick and choose your battles, and this should be one of them. I think the “…black male in the ghetto…” guy deserves a big Horse’s Ass award or something from you. By the way, I am not a black male; just a human being, like the one who got shot and killed; unlike the animal who wrote such venom.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t really think the “black male in the ghetto” guy deserves a horses ass, cause it’s mostly true. Add in Latinos, and it’s damn near 100%.

      When was the last time a white guy got busted for killing someone in DC?(the Wone thing?) They GOT OFF on that case. What are the chances you could find a dead body in YOUR house and not get a conviction.

      If white women or white frat boys were getting bumped off on a regular basis, all hell would have broken loose by now.

      It’s as if “they” who ever “they” are don’t seem to care about the young black male, and the young black males know it.

      It’s truly a shame.

      • when will you people understand that violence is related to socioeconomic status? bunch of f’ing racists…

        • lol. Identifying violence in pathologically violent communities is racist now? Call me back when you graduate from your third-rate sociology program and move out of that group house.

        • Steve:

          I’m an OLD SCHOOL black male from Arkansas.

          I was raised differently. We were taught the way to get out of the hood was through education or military service. It worked for me. I retired a few years ago.

          it took 25 years to get my degree; from Strayer no less, but before you laugh know this, I’ll clear almost 150K this year. Go Strayer!

          It’s no coincidence that the girls in my family went to college on scholarships, while the boys went to the Army.

          Either way, when we could…we got the hell out. We were taught that from the beginning. Kids today are not taught how to get ahead.

          The kids in DC are “that’ll do n*gg*s”. They do just enough, cause that’ll do. Most don’t even try…

          It’s unfortunate. The only way these kids have a shot at life is to join the military…course with a record, they won’t be able to do that. They have no chance at a profession; God knows they are not going to college. All they are left is to survive on $8 dollar jobs while “whitey” for want of a better word moves on and leaves them behind.

          Before you claim that I had all the advantages, let me assure you, I did not. I’m Black, gay, raised by a single parent and attended bad schools…but I made it.

          These kids can to, but it starts AT HOME. It’s not social economic nuthin…it’s home training.

        • It may be a socioeconomic issue, but in DC the perps are mostly AA. Race may not cause the problem, but it’s certainly getting in the way of solutions.

          • I don’t understand why “race”* is coming up so much.

            The majority of the inhabitants of the city are African American, but I think we can all agree with Steve (and Cliff too) this has to do mainly with those who are raised well or not, and those who are poor or not.

            Have some of you forgotten the poor (“white”) hicks of Indiana who manufacture their own crank until their barns blow up from the fumes? Or the (“white”) scab-faced thieving thuglike meth addicts of Portland who show up nightly on the news for their crimes.

            Do some of us need to get outside the beltway more often?

            *outdated idea

  • White frat boys aren’t running around with guns. they would be hard pressed to find a gun. They don’t kill over shoes or fear of snitchin’. Drugs are recreational, not a way of life. Fifteen, those kids are playing Ninetendo, trying to dodge homework and talking to girls. All hell should break loose if they started killing eachother.
    People are desensitized to ghetto killings for a reason. It happens with such great frequency. Want it to stop? Leave a generation gap.

  • One more thing, drugs and gang related violence is what we usually why we think people in DC murder.

    I would add “killing witnesses” and “retaliation” to that list.

    As an interesting tid-bit, the CAPTCHA Code for this entry… “CRME”

  • Murder count:

    D.C. – 20
    P.G. county – 22

  • I’m more bothered by the fact that the only place I see these crime stories is on PoP, while the mainstream papers only cover stories like the one in Bethesda. I guess a murder in a ritzy shopping area is more important….

    • run of the mill street murder in dc is routine therefore not particularly newsworthy. Beating death in yoga store in crime-free Bethesda is not part of the plan so it gets coverage, not to mention the sensational story that included a double rape and now the fact that the “survivor” was the only perpetrator, it totally justified it’s coverage. Street murder in DC isn’t an interesting story that we haven’t heard a thousand times before. That said I heard the fleet of sirens going to the scene by convention center and didn’t need to read about it to know what happened. *sigh

    • more newsworthy doesn’t mean more important.

      • It’s notimportnt to those actually shooting at eachother. It’s not important to their parents. If it were, it’d show.

  • Being AA has nothing to do with it. Go to Boston. You’ll find similar stories, but with Irish and Italian kids as well as black kids. You’ll also see a lot more success stories because parenting and the social community is a lot more involved. You can’t help those who don’t want to be helped.

  • I am new to the city, i guess what you call engaged in “gentrification” and these blogs are entertaining. I guess I part ways with all the buzz on race only b/c I am activey military and GAY and I see how race has become a virtual non issue for us, and very quickly sexual orientation is becoming a non issue, but then I get stationed in WAshignton DC, have high hopes of seperating from the military and living in a “progressive” “liberal” city ((after being stationed in Arkansas 3 years)) and I see all this vitriol on race, and sometimes sexual orientation. Basically — I get confused. What happened to my ideal liberal town?…..OH DID I MENTION??? When I have walked to the metro in the 4 short months since I bought my house I have been verbally attacked IN UNIFORM and physically assaulted IN UNIFORM while being called “white soldier.” I have to say in Arkansas, and Alabama, and Texas, and the dozens of other places I have lived in a carrer, I get THANKED For my service not attacked. WELCOME TO DC =)

    • It’s about class and income. I don’t think race and sexual orientation has a major role. They want to hurt you, so they’ll use what they have to do it.
      I get singled out as a white guy all the time, but it doesnt bother me, it makes it easier to find me. I have longish hair and I get called “Rock Star” too. I kinda like that.

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