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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • Rave: This new DC resident was very impressed with how easily he breezed through Georgetown’s DMV this morning when converting his license and car registrations from VA to DC. Well done, DMV.

    Rant: This new DC resident cannot believe how many “smash and grabs” are happening on his block, most recently in broad daylight on a busy and beautiful Sunday afternoon — on a street buzzing with pedestrians and sidewalk cafes filled with patrons. WTF?

    • First rule of car ownership in DC: don’t leave anything in sight, even something that “doesn’t have any value”.

      Second rule: if you have a GPS that suctions to the window, wipe off the suction mark daily.

      Third rule: Parking tickets need to be factored into the monthly budget.

      • Fourth rule: You should also factor in the occasional car smashing into yours then driving away.

        Fifth rule: Even if that car is sitting around the corner from your car, and the damage is so obvious that there is no way of disputing it was in the accident that caused the damage to your car, MPD will not bother to walk the extra thirty feet to look around the corner and investigate the accident.

        • sixth rule: you can fail your DC emissions test for your car having too few problems listed in the OBD computer.

    • DC’s DMV is so much better than Virginia’s. It took me 2 months of going 2x/week, and making lots of phone calls in between visits, to get my VA registration. In DC it took maybe a couple of hours.

      When I learned later that the VA DMV’s system was designed by Northrop Grumman it explained a lot…

  • Rave: I have finally paid off my credit card!! First really adult financial decision I have accomplished. Next is to tackle my student loans.

    Rant: My student loans are over 20k 🙁 It’ll take me three years to pay it all off.

    • Cry me a river, I’ve been paying mine for 10.5 years.

      • Yeah, I’m looking at over 70k, on a very long repayment plan.

        Don’t go to graduate school unless your parnts are rich or it’s getting paid for, kids.

        • I’ll add only the following advice:

          Never, ever attend law school in particular. They might as well rename it “You’ll be Miserable Until Retirement School”.

          • The biggest problem with law school, is you can’t decide you don’t like it mid way through. You need the law school salary to pay off the loans.

          • The biggest problem with law school is that you come out the other end a lawyer.

          • Rave: I loved law school. I worked for several years to save the money before going back and so I had few loans to pay back. I have a great job, love the work I do, and help make he world a better place at the same time.

    • Congrats, happy!

      Also, I don’t see why the fact that others’ students loans are more than yours would invalidate your rant. It’s not a contest as to who is in the worst financial situation!

      • No, it’s about putting things in perspective.

        • Geez, happy didn’t claim his/her loans were any worse than anyone else’s! I mean, people complain on here about things like having a bad date. It’s not like he/she doesn’t have the perspective to realize that others have more student loan debt.

          I know someone who has been paying off student loans for 20 years! I guess the person complaining about it taking 10.5 years needs to gain some perspective.

          • (And I didn’t mean to criticize those who complain about things like bad dates. It’s always good to vent every once in a while, even if it’s possible that someone somewhere might have a worse problem than you.)

        • +1 and thank you!

    • Oh big woop, I have over 100K in student loans…

      • Me too, let’s compare our exact amounts so we can see who wins the contest!

        This is ridiculous. I agree, mv, the point of this is to vent (or share good news), not to be judged because your problem isn’t quite as bad as someone else’s!

        I mean, heck, people could say, oh big woop, cry me a river, I grew up in abject poverty and didn’t have the chance to attend college or graduate school because I had to raise my 5 brothers and sisters after my mother was shot. I mean, someone always has it worse.

        • Yeah, but complaining about 3.5 years of student loans is like the lady a while back who complained about not being able to live on “only* $350k annual income in DC.

          It just reeks of lack of perspective. So instead of complaining about your student loans, pat yourself on the back for your extremely good selection of schools vs. career. You’re smart.

          • I completely disagree. As was stated, this post isn’t exclusively for the most serious of complaints. People typically complain about things like a cold, a bad date, a flat tire, etc. Really, from a worldwide view, 99% of the complaints on here (and every single complaint today) “reeks of lack of perspective.”

          • If you look at the original reply another way, it can be a way of making the person feel better about their situation instead of wallowing in their rant.

            But if you like reinforcing people’s unhappiness, charge on.

          • Ha ha. If you like being rude and condescending and saying it’s to make people feel better about their situation, charge on.

            And venting about problems actually doesn’t reinforce them, it generally makes people feel better. You know what does reinforce people’s unhappiness? Telling people their problems aren’t real.

        • Spoken like a true whitey, who grew up with a silver spoon up your ass.

    • Congrats! Paying off a credit card is such a great feeling! Don’t listen to all these other people… Everyone has something worse in some category or another. These RRRoR are to vent, not be judged. PoP commenters are getting awfully snobby… even worse than before…

      • + 1. I’ve been feeling that way about PoP commenters lately, too.

      • Is it better if I brag about being able to earn a BSEE and MSEE without taking out loans or having to spend a cent of my own money except on books?

  • Anyone have the scoop on what was keeping the cops so busy yesterday?
    First, a bunch of cruisers plus paddy wagon outside Coopers Hardware, around 4pm.
    Then, a bunch of cruisers plus fire engine on Georgia Ave near Allison, around 6:30.
    Rant: Can’t rely on the Washington Post for this sort of information.

    • A car flipped on its side on Georgia – no idea otherwise what happened – just happened to see it as I was redirected heading north.

  • Rant: The way ticket sales for Savor were handled. The site crashed at 12pm on the dot when tickets went on sale. I couldn’t log for close to two hours later and magically they were sold out. I was trying to secure 2 tickets for my husband who is returning from an overseas deployment the week before the event.

    Double rant: Scalpers and ticket brokers who are now selling tickets on Ebay and Craigslist fr up to 5 times face value.

    • Same thing happened for the LCD soundsystem show in NYC… murphy ended up adding 4 additional shows making me very happy 😀

  • Rant 2: The new Petworth library closes at 5:30 most weekdays. FIVE THIRTY! Shame they’re so underfunded that they can’t be open when kids are most likely to need a quiet place to study.

    • +1 This is my constant complaint with “new fancy libraries”. They don’t serve anyone but stay at home moms who want an alternative to their own houses.

      Students and working professionals get shafted.

  • Rant: My boss hates me and work is a mess. I’ve had a long string of meh first dates. Other various crappy things. I feel like, unlike Mr. Sheen, I just. can’t. win. Not in any moment, much less all of them.

  • Rave: Went shopping during lunch and purchased a new purse and gorgeous heels for my dinner date with the manfriend tonight.

    Rave: A fun-filled weekend filled with great dinners, museums, and a musical with my friends.

    Rant: I’m so happy today, I have nothing to complain about. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • Rave: Been active (if you know what I mean) for like 30 years and just this week learned a new trick in bed. Love it when that happens, and apparently she does too.

    Rant: Not nearly enough time to practice!

  • Rave: Shaggy and I both have rotund food babies from a copious Scooby snack-out.

    Rant: Fred & Velma on road trips. Man, sometimes I wish those two would shut the hell up.

  • Rave: Spring has Sprung.

    Rave: Window trim is going spectacularly. My new windows look professionally installed.

    Rave: Found a cool startup company that would cut my commute from 45m-1.5h down to 25 minutes and they have a satellite office where my wife is from. Not only that, but they’re dog friendly. Winning!

  • Rant: Thought I was having an awesome dinner date with this chick with a new purse and gorgeous heels but then discovered she was a dude.

    Rave: Since she’s a man I convinced her to pay.

  • Rant: Porn just isn’t as exciting as it was when you were 15-19.

    Rave: I love Mangialardo’s. That place speaks to me in a way Taylor Gourmet never will. I know, not a perfect comparison but as a Philly native comparing the two is a nice little microcosm of my feelings towards DC.

  • Rave: moved in with my boyfriend of 3 years 🙂
    Rave: moved back to Philly to do so
    Rave: was able to transfer within my company, so no job search necessary
    Rantish: missing DC only a little, but I’m pretty ridiculously happy so I haven’t had much time to dwell on the fact.

    a PoPville announcement: kind of realized that it just doesn’t matter… *it* meaning just about anything. Kids in bars, being an MD/VA resident who happens to drive a car in DC, bikes sharing the road with cars, cars sharing the road with bikes (oh the horror!)… Yes I get that some things people do affect others. Those people suck. But really, it does. not. matter. in the grand scheme of things. Do what makes you happy as long as you don’t bother anyone else!

    • What the hell ever! The only reason your so jolly is because you’re shacking up with your boo. Bite me!

      • wow. just saw this comment. I was “jolly” before I moved in with him, no need to be so bitter. I’m just a happy person. Go bite yourself.

        See my previous comment about attacking other posters on their RRRoR. Jeez.

  • Rant: People who leave their cars parked touching mine. Touching!!! You couldn’t pull up an inch to make it look like you could have possibly parked without hitting my car? Really?!?! Not the first time… you’d think I’d get used to it.

    Rave: Feels so good to get that rant off my chest, its been bugging me since 8 AM.

    Rave: Looking forward to some quality drinking and dancing with the ladies this weekend.

    • This is funny to read, especially coming immediately after mv’s zen-like post about letting it all drift on by…

      Having said that, though, I totally agree. I have a female friend whose parking technique is to bump the car in front, then backup till she bumped the car in back, then repeat as needed to get in/out of the space. This drove me nuts, especially since her justification for it was to giggle girlishly (annoying) and say something like “that’s why they call them bumpers!” Had she been a guy, I might have socked him.

      • I think the real problem is that if someone does that, you’re halfway to being parked in. You need at least 4+ inches on either side to get out. Say the person on the other side leaves a half foot, which would be OK as far as they knew. You, however, would be parked in.

        In fact, the person who only leave an inch is screwing themselves in the same way. There’s the same chance they’d get parked in. I think this is more than discourteous.

      • Well, mv moved to Philly and is still keeping up with PoP…so zen is her life…

        Your friend is why females have such a bad rep for parallel parking! Screw the double standard,you should have socked her anyways. Bumpers are expensive to replace!

        • Which is why I have a trailer hitch on my car. I watched some fool in a big new expensive car with all plastic bumpers try the ‘parking-by-touch’ method behind mine. Probably cost him over a grand in repairs to fix his bumper. I was laughing my a** off – dude still had temp tags on the car.

  • Rave: Preschooler got into Barnard, so staying in the neighborhood!

  • Well that IS why they call them bumpers!

  • Man, I love the photo on this post

  • Rant: I ate an entire box of Girl Scout Tagalong cookies today.

    Rave: I got to eat an entire box of Girl Scout Tagalong cookies today!

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