Good Deal or Not? “top to bottom renovation” edition

This home is located at 4716 8th St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Stunning new 3bdrm, 3.5 bath home in popular Petworth! This top to bottom renovation has it all – open floor plan, bamboo flooring, Bosch stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, modern bathroom fixtures, private parking in rear and many more amenities.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

What do you think of the renovation itself? Does $399,900 sound reasonable for this 3 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • Its a bit far north for where I would want to live and the renovation may not be popular with a lot of people.

    That said, 3br/3.5 bathrooms is getting difficult to find for $400,000 – maybe not a GOOD deal, but probably a fair one.

  • I live a block away, and think it’s a good price. I may not care for all of the finishes (wall color is unappealing, painting brick unfortunate, and don’t care for the floor), but tastes vary. Others may love it. Overall, it’s a very reasonable price for a total reno.

    In fact, I’m wondering if oak or cherry floors might have made a difference in whether it had received an offer? Do others care about that as much as I do?

  • I can’t wait for that neighborhood to change. Right now, I’d be scared as anything to live there with all the kid’s gunplay (maybe not as bad as Harvard and Sherman, but not Kalorama or Woodley Park by any stretch). How many homicides in the last year within 2 blocks of that place? Very scary indeed.

    • You must be the same person who was afraid of moving to Columbia Heights in 2006, or Trinidad in 2009, or moving to Bloomingdale last year. I’ve lived here for 15 years, and I’ve learned that (1) shootings can and will occur anywhere east of Dupont and (2) they generally happen in clusters. Next year Petworth will be tranquil and there will be a war zone somewhere else.

      • Another self deluded person who thinks “it’s not so bad, because I haven’t been assaulted”.


        • Its not deluded – its just rationale. Crime isnt that bad – all of this alarmism doesnt make it an epidemic, it just means people allow emotions to trump logic.

          Go ahead and move here, bloomingdale, h street, or anacostia. Odds are you’re nto going to get mugged any of tehse places.

          • “Isn’t that bad” is the self-delusion. It depends on who the target, what their schedule is, how well they blend into the neighborhood, and their level of confidence and self protection.

            You might be safe in all these neighborhoods, many other people aren’t.

          • Like I said, its rational to assume you wont be a victim of crime, not delusion. The stats just dont indicate that any one person has a high risk of being a victim. What I’m trying to say is that you’re basically full of crap.

          • Cool. And I’m saying statistics or not, your delusional, have a great weekend.

          • haha, what “we’re” saying. who is WE exactly?

            Statistics be damned! I’d rather be all emotional about it!

            Get a grip.

    • Why do you make such a big deal about a neighborhood you don’t even live in? Don’t move here if you don’t like it. Jeez…..

  • Looks pretty spacious overall. I guess you get the neighborhood you pay for, but I’d take the 300-400K price drop to live in Petworth instead of Capitol Hill or Logan circle area….

  • They ruined the floor plan on the upper level. That closet has a window. Ugh.

  • Why paint the brick? And why the awful black stair & porch railings? Otherwise, I think it looks pretty good – but I want a tub in my master bath.

  • The renovations are REALLY ugly

  • Interesting –other than a few finish choices, it’s really similar to a GDoN from little while back on Perry Place(?) and 14. Same deal w/ turning the upstairs into 2 master bedrooms w/ full closets and bathrooms.

    I feel like the consensus on that one was that it was a bad choice for a family but fine for roommates. Not sure this location is really attractive for roommates to begin with so it seems extra questionable.

    Still a newly renovated house for less than $400k seems like a good deal to me.

  • Good deal. Love it, windowed closet notwithstanding. I think this is a great house for a young couple.

    Use the basement as a pseudo-legal rental for the first couple years, after spending about $15k on a tiny kitchen reno. The flippers were smart enough to include an extra W/D hook up in the basement for this purpose. After a certain number of kids arrive, treat it as a rec room, or add’l bedroom. Figure $2400 or so monthly note, rent the basement for $1000k. Very affordable until kid #2 comes along.

    I think you’d want to make the master the back bedroom, which is south facing and gets all the light. I’d open up that windowed closet — no door or wall separating. Put a desk in there or crib. Add closet space against the back wall of the front bedroom.

  • Why is there no wall between the living room and dining room? And why did they paint the exposed brick in the stairwell?

    Other than that, it’s okay. I think the 2nd floor layout could work for a lot of people. It’s the first floor that’s a mess.

  • I don’t live far from there, and this seems like a good price. It’s a very pretty block. I have seen houses near this one sell quickly for more than $500,000. This house isn’t as nice as those, but still….

    As far as the crime, neither my wife nor I feel unsafe. Yes, there have been seven murders within five blocks of our house since June, but that doesn’t bother us much. We walk our dog twice a day, and are happy to have met so many friendly neighbors.

    Not everyone has the same tolerance for violent crime. I used to live in city with 6,000 murders per year, so I guess a few gunshots here and there don’t trouble me much.

  • God damn flippers, stop ruining historic houses by tearing down walls to create “open concepts” and replacing classic banisters with “custom” railings that look like they belong in an office building.

  • Seem like a good deal. I have friends who live there and when I visit, day or night, it seems like a really good place to live. Is crime really that bad in that area? Someone who actually know please respond; do not need the opinion of someone who just heard that petworth is not a bad neighborhood.

    • When my wife and I bought a house in Petworth (a few blocks from the house in question), we assumed that we would have to tolerate some crime. We figured we would be mugged and perhaps suffer a break-in. We had lived in dangerous places before, so we felt that we knew what we were getting into.

      As it turns out, nothing of the sort has happened. Yes, crime has happened in the neighborhood, but we feel safe here. We don’t walk around late at night with headphones on, and we don’t stumble home drunk, but neither are we huddled inside our house. We sit on our porch, walk around a lot, talk to the neighbors, and keep an eye on suspicious characters. People know who we are, and the bad guys know it too.

      Crime happens here, but we certainly don’t define the neighborhood based on that. It really depends on your comfort level, and how confident you feel. Despite the shootings during the past several months, the older residents here talk about how the neighborhood is improving. From what I can tell, it’s going to keep getting safer.

      • Thank you for your fine attitude caballero. This type of viewpoint has served me and my family well through 30+ years of DC living. Despite the fact that we have had to put up with 3 muggings, multiple bike thefts, a car theft, an egregious home robbery and an unsolved odd murder in front of our neighbors’ house. I love DC, and it is getting better, as long as I ignore the whiners.
        Hanging out on the porch is the first step to enjoying the good life I think.

        • Thank you caballero and Schweeney – does anyone else feel that the fear of the neighborhood stems from ones experience of race or class? I do. Being a white person living in DC, i’m constantly aware of the fact that I stick out in a once predominantly black neighborhood that is quickly being gentrified by white affluent young people. When i think about crime, race is major component of my perception, and fear is a natural – if not desired.

          • Say hello to people on the street, make small talk in the store, and just be friendly. You’ll be surprised at the reactions you get and the conversations you can have. Little gestures can go a long way toward breaking down barriers. And let’s face it, if you were raised in the U.S., you probably carry around a lot of attitudes about race (no matter what your skin color)…the best way to move on is to interact with as many people as you can, even if it’s as simple as a smile and a hello.

          • Caballero is wise. Make friends and be wary.
            A serious discussion regarding race/fear/gentrification/intimidation needs to be had among people that don’t want to bait or be baited. Perhaps this might be a forum to get that going.

  • Sorry, meant to say someone who heard that Petworth is a bad neighborhood.

  • At anon 4:52: Petworth is a great neighborhood, quickly gentrifying with young, affluent blacks, whites and hispanics families. The neighborhood has had a bad few months, but for the most part is a peaceful place where I enjoy the good life.

  • The renovation is amazing and very fresh and modern. Of course, more for Dupont Circle than Petworth but at that price will sell quickly even in Petworth. Anyone who has done renovation will understand how much this type of renovation costs and that this is a great deal.

  • Doesn’t look all that bad- I live all but 5 blocks away and although my house is slightly larger, it recently appraised for 2x as much. I say- “good deal”!

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