Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

The complete chaos on Sherman Street came up in the comments on yesterday’s taxi post. Yesterday I counted seven backhoes in a three-block stretch, so today I had my partner take a photo from the passenger seat (only three backhoes and a crane in this photo). I asked for details about this intense construction and commenter jcm helpfully provided:

RECONSTRUCTION OF SHERMAN AVENUE FROM FLORIDA AVENUE, NW, TO PARK ROAD, NW – Total redesign and reconstruction of the roadway and sidewalk;upgrade of ramps, streetlights, traffic signals and drainage. New median with street trees. Scheduled completion date is July 8, 2012.

Sounds like a great improvement to what was a fairly sketchy few blocks. Any more information? Are there sketches of what the final result will look like?

Yes, there is a phenomenal Web site from DDOT devoted entirely to the Sherman Avenue Reconstruction project:

“The Sherman Avenue, NW Streetscape project will provide modifications and safety improvements for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the Sherman Avenue corridor from Barry Place, NW to Park Road, NW. The project is a reconstruction and streetscape project that will also include elements of safety improvements, traffic signaling, pavement marking, signage and bicycle access modifications.”

You can see the construction schedule here.

And here’s a rendering:

Rendering from DDOT


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