Dear PoPville – Advice on Short Term Stays/Sublets

“Dear PoP,

My current living situation is very untenable – my rooommate is buying, selling, and using drugs in our apartment and using it as a hub to sell from. I am a college student with about 2 months left in the school year. I am looking for a seriously short term lease or month-to-month, preferably furnished stays. I have scoured Craigslist, but I am hoping for some insight into the hunt. My budget is capped at $1000 per month.”

Anyone have good tips for finding a short term rental besides craigslist?

Would something like the Lofstel work?

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  • how long are you looking to stay?

  • This time of year will be tough because it’s the height of the tourist season however.

    You could also post your own ad on CL under “housing wanted.” Be very thorough and describe yourself and situation (without sounding desperate and pathetic) A lot of people don’t regularly have roommates or post a place, but do like the occasional extra rent from a temp. situation with a normal person. Good luck

  • do you live in a dorm or an apartment? if it bothers you, call the landlord and the cops, and have your roommate arrested and evicted.

    • He wants out, not deeper in.

    • Steal her stash and blackmail her with it. What’s she gonna do, call the cops and complain that you stole her drugs?

    • Do not get him arrested. Unless he is bothering you. if he is using drugs, offer him help. If he is selling drugs, get out of there for your safety.

      • yea, i suppose my reaction was a bit knee-jerk. Just annoyed that OP has to move, but I guess that’s life.

        • Yeah, I was in a similar situation. Best thing to do is get out as quickly as possible. Of course, said roommate will probably give you hell because he/she now has to find a new person that’s willing to live with them on short notice… but frankly that’s their problem.

  • Have you tried speaking to someone in student affairs or your advisor? They may be aware of available housing, both university and non-unversity, and would hopefully be sympathetic to your situation and time frame. Best of luck.

    • Yep, dunno what school you go to but you should talk to somebody at your university (student affairs person, advisor, dean of student life if need be) about your situation; escalate if need be. There may be housing you can move into for the last two months of the year.

      They are there to help you – that’s what you pay tuition for.

  • You might try as well… although it wont be cheap for two months… it could give you respite for a week or two while you keep looking

  • I found a great short term stay place on craigslist. It was a lady renting out the three rooms in her house. Check through the sublets/temp section of Craigslist.

  • if we are talking about weed chill out dude.

  • +10000!!! 😀

  • after you move out call the dude’s mom.

  • my heart really goes out to this person – what a terrible way to live! if they were willing to crash on a couch or set up a futon in my empty dining room I’d be game. good luck!

  • Hey,

    I am looking to film my spot in my apartment until August 31st with option to renew, let this person know if they are still on the hunt!

    Nice neighborhood and might work out well.


  • Re: PoP’s suggestion, I lived in the Loftstel in Petworth for several weeks when I once needed a place in a pinch. If you have a lot of belongings that you need to move out of your current place it might be difficult, but I found staying there completely tolerable. Rooms are shared (bunkbeds), but people where generally pretty respectful and quiet and mostly interns.

  • Thanks for all of the suggestions! I am out and safe right now. But I’ll still be on the hunt.

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