Beau Thai Applies for Alcohol Permit/Outdoor Seating in Shaw

Beau Thai is located at 1700 New Jersey Avenue NW (by R St). When the first opened back in August there were lots of fans. Seems natural that they should be able to serve alcohol as well. I’m also eager to see the “Sidewalk Café with seating for 30.” – looks like a perfect space for a sidewalk cafe.

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  • This is really a fantastic spot. I love this restaurant.

  • Hooray! I live around the corner and frequent this place for takeout, but I would love to be able to sit outside this summer. Go Beau Thai!!

  • yes Yes YES!!!

  • Also, what is the process for getting such an application approved? And what can we do to support it?

  • What great news! This place is very good!

  • Great food, friendly staff. Outside summer thai would be awesome.

  • Great food and the place is super cute. Would be wonderful if they get a patio

  • great news! i love beau thai. and i like having a drink. i hope this goes smoothly for them.

  • Not as good as Thai X-ing (but what is?) though it is still a step up from most of the Thai places around (Rice, Thai Tanic, etc.) Worth the trip to a sketchy neighborhood if you can’t spend the time/money at Thai X-ing.

    • this place:
      is almost worth a trip to gaithersburg.
      if you ever find yourself up there, check it out. i like it more than thai x-ing even.

    • ease up on “sketchy” hombre. there’s probably less crime there than in the “safe” areas. but maybe thats a benefit so the locals can maintain the neighborhood-y vibe

    • sketchy? It’s two blocks south of Thai X-ing and on a residential corner.

      Very happy to help them get both licenses.

      • was just about to say the same thing. I live a block from here (for the last five years) … no sketchiness going on; and yes, it’s another 4 blocks south of FLA Ave where Thai X-ing is located. I would encourage this commenter to check out the neighborhood again, I believe that they would be pleasantly surprised.

  • We were there two weekends ago, and the owner (I never caught her name) and she was mentioning to us how they had just put in the application. This place is great. Super delicious, and right behind my gf’s apartment so we get take out often. As for sketchy, I’m tired of having to defend Shaw, as are others, so I’ll just say, stick to your own neighborhood and leave mine alone. The rest of us will make up for whatever business Beau Thai and the rest of the places around here will lose on you.

    • Exactly. I live nearby and this whole “your neighborhood is sketchy” thing is getting really old.

      There are a lot of places that I go in this city that are regarded as “perfectly fine” that I find sketchy. Doesnt mean that everytime there’s a discussion on PoP about good news for that neighborhood I have to get on and start pissing all over it.

  • LOVE this place!!! I live right around the corner (sketchy? not so much, but whatevs), so I try to go like once a week to support and help keep them in business because they are so nice and the food is SO GOOD!

    Business will definitely flourish with outdoor seating. And maybe they should put a dine-in deal on Groupon/LivingSocial to encourage people to eat in instead of take out, but that’s just my opinion. Red Toque Cafe around the corner is really good too. It’s been really good to have more eating options in Shaw instead of bad “Chinese” takeout.

  • Go Beau Thai! I never liked Thai before I ate here, but I have always loved beer. This is a double win for me.

  • Things like this make me sad I have to move out soon.

  • houseintherear

    Yay! (*Please* be a patio that allows dogs.)

  • Definitely hit the ANC meeting. Thats where all the neighborhood nazi’s show up to keep anyone from having sidewalk seating, late hours or liquor. they must be beaten back to suburbia!

  • Yeah. I have been waiting for that “place” where I can grab a drink, eat some great food, and meet up on the home from the metro that is not Mount Vernon. This is great news.

  • This place is great!!

    It’s really too bad that the DC government takes many months (or longer!) to process such applications. I’m all for us in the neighborhood having our opinions heard on business licenses and other permits… but the bureaucrats in the DC government make a living off of stifling new, small businesses with red tape and paper shuffling.

    My guess is that it will take 6 months or more from the time they submitted the application… and we’ll have missed all the nice spring/early summer weather.

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