What the Helen of Troy is This? Strangest House in Town?

When we looked at a nearby house (with a cool roof deck) a reader asked if I had ever seen this one. Holy cow – what the hell is it? It seems to be all garage but it actually has a separate house address listed. It’s also got a bit of a pop up and balcony. How much living space do you think there is?

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  • Is that near Eastern Market? If so, I think it was on the market somewhere around 6 years ago! You might be able to find a listing somewhere, but I think it was pretty much an apartment over a garage.

    • Yep, south side of the Hill. It was on the market in early 2004 in the low $500’s. It has a really odd layout, but is bigger inside than it appears from the front.

  • “This 1020 square foot condo home has 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms.” (per Zillow)

  • The tax records at Realtor.com concur with Zillow (although they have the addresses and info for this house and the yellow one next door mixed up). It is listed with five total rooms, and was built in 1963. How big it really feels depends on the layout, but that front room must have really low ceilings.

  • Talk about Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boy.

  • It was on HGTV a few years back, one of the shows where they do a small renovation before the owner sells. I think it was built in the entrance to an alley (they said on the show). It is on 8th St. SE.

  • I lived across the street from this house for 5 years. I peered inside during an open house in 2004 (when it last sold) out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. It is rather spacious and has a lovely backyard that wraps around behind that big yellow house on the left.

  • I like that the aged brick and brick detail on this house tie it in with the other houses on this hill. However, if I was the homeowner and had some spare remodeling change, I would invest in a fancier garage door, since that thing literally takes up 40% of the front facade. Maybe one with a wood finish and a little glass.

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