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  • Can we please just call it Meridian Hill Park?

    • I alternate calling it Meridian Hill Park and Malcolm X Park out of respect for the communities here before I moved to DC.

  • Too hungover to move…

  • Reattached a drainpipe that fell in last week’s winds in time for today’s storms.

  • Official name of MERIDIAN HILL PARK:


    Please stop calling it Malcolm X Park.

    • I grew up knowing it as Malcolm X, as did all my neighbors, so it’s probably what I’ll continue to call it. What an odd things to get your panties in a bunch about.

      • I think out of respect of the original designers and architects of the beautiful park – why not keep it the name they gave it? Why dismiss about 200 years of history history to remember it for 20-30 year stretch where the park was a notorious drug and thug hang out? I’d prefer to know the park as they did in 1819, when John Porter erected a mansion on the grounds and called it “Meridian Hill” because it was located on the “White House meridian” and not as the Malcolm X park where you don’t want to go at night.

  • did a loop from columbia heights to rockville and back on my bike. a&j and lake frank worth the trip!

    • curious to know how long this takes… i’ve been meaning to try to do this instead of my commute at least once a month as soon as its warm out

      • depends how you go and how fast you are and where in rockville you’re heading. i’d say 90 minutes to 2 hours generally.

  • Absolutely not. Who do you think you are? Do you know who you’re aligning yourself with then you say something like that? The democratically elected leaders of our city voted to officially rename the park Malcolm X park, but were able to be overruled by the US Interior department because we don’t have full home rule. By saying “can we just call it Meridian Hill,” you’re lining up with those who have denied self determination to our city.

    • How about this: Can we just call it National Airport? That’s a pointless cause worth fighting for!

    • The democratically elected leaders of our city buy trucks with our money and lie about it. What the hell do they know? Malcolm would not want to be associated with such a group of hypocritical,lying loser shitbags. I’m pretty sure a group just like that killed him . . .
      This city doesn’t deserve home rule, Andrew. Not like it is now.

      • saf

        Deserve has nothing to do with it.

      • So I was a bit wrong, it was actually a vote by the people of DC to rename the park that was then overruled representatives of other states.


        • Are you a Lawyer? You seem to have a knack for twisting the truth. It was never the prerogative of the District of Columbia to name the park. Congress has the authority. If anything the residents of DC tried to usurp congressional authority.

          According to your article:
          “DC residents later voted for the name to be officially changed to Malcolm X. A bill to change the name was introduced to Congress in January 1970, says Moffett, but didn’t pass.”

          • Wow. Residents of DC actually tried to stand up to congressional authority. Go residents!

          • Again, it has nothing to do with “standing up to Congress” (or fighting the Man, for that matter). The federal government gets to name national park service areas. Thats just how it works.

            If the people of Kentucky passed a referendum to rename Mammoth Cave, would they be standing up to Congress? No, they’d just be wasting their time.

      • Since its a national park and not a city park, shouldn’t this just be a jurisdiction issue?

        It’s not like DC could vote to rename Rock Creek or the White House.

    • Yeah – this is pretty much the stupidest response I’ve heard.

      Renaming the park doesnt fall within the jurisdiction of the DC Government or the people of DC. Meridian Hill Park, as it is officially known, is operated by the National Park Service. It can’t be renamed by a state, city, or federal district, anymore than Yellowstone can be.

      The Federal Government gets to name it. The end.

      The other thing, I dont get this revisionist infatuation with Malcolm X. Its almost as bad as people who get all tizzlesprung at the thought of Ronald Reagan and freedom.

      Malcolm X incited fear and violence. The Nation of Islam is a cult. His legacy of being a civil rights leader needs to be severely tempered by remembering the negative things that he brought us too.

      Anyway, Andrew, your righteous indignation is completely pointless. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about and should take your hipster faux rage out on things that matter, like the fact that the music you listen to that no one cares about was just played on One Tree Hill and now you cant listen to it anymore.

  • I was able to enjoy the weather by taking my motorcycle for a slow cruise around some NW side streets I had never been down before despite living here for 6-7 years…

    I found one area near Cleveland Park that was packed with future PoP Houses of the Day!

    In and around:

    3100-3300 blocks of Highland Place NW, Washington D.C.

    There were a ton of single family homes mostly built ~1875-1925. I imagine it’s what Mt Pleasant looked like before the 1940s.

  • The men’s room above the fountain is still allegedly a sketchy hookup spot.

    • …allegedly… ha. I was propositioned there just last week, while walking my dog…at 3 in the afternoon. And before there are any snarky replies, I declined. lol

      oh, and I am usually there fairly early in the am, and frequently find used condoms, so at least they are playing safe.

      • Did you call the police? Take down a description? Or just accept it as normal? Although seemingly harmless (and I guess funny to some), these girls (and guys I suppose) lead very troubled lives and need help. Also, these kind of crimes, if left unchecked, invite other more serious crimes. Hopefully you reported it and encourage everyone else to do the same.

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