Movement at Building at 2nd and Rhode Island Ave, NW

“Dear PoP,

I saw that there was a dumpster behind the long vacant apartment building at 143 Rhode Island Ave NW in Bloomingdale and work appears to be underway. Looks like new permits have been filed as well. Was curious if you knew what the plans were and thought you might be interested in making this a post. It’s such a beautiful building will be glad to see it put to new use.”

I’ve been getting a few emails like this one. Anyone know the story? I’m assuming it’ll be condos but I’ll def. update as construction progresses.

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  • pgn architects are doing the work

  • The developer is CAS Riegler. They did this project last year in Columbia Heights:

    They’re building 8 condos here on RI Ave.

  • Finally – This building is amazing! The developers who did The Seaton years ago said they had aquired this building but given how long it took them to renovate (almost 3 years) I don’t think they were that experienced. There’s another vacant similar building (though not as triangular) closer to North Cap too – would be incredible if that got fixed too.

    Do you guys realize that by the time they finish the Rhode Island Station and the building on 4th & RI Ave NE, we may finally have a walkable main street with retail and restaurants!? It might be wishful thinking, but what other undeveloped main street has so many grand trees on it??

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