Judging New Buildings – Georgia and Quincy St, NW

This is the 49 unit project by Donatelli Development. It was originally supposed to be condos but I’m not sure if it will remain condos or become rentals. Stay tuned. So what do you think of the building itself, so far?

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  • Looks great. Nice blend of modern (curved glass corners) with traditional (brick). I dig it.

    • seriously? it’s like the crap music on top40 stations or in grocery stores that, in trying to be non-offensive to everyone, ends up being horribly offensive and the worst kind of music that no man should ever have to listen to.

      it’s horribly lazy architecture and ridiculously ugly to boot.

  • Fits nicely on the block, love the brick and l-o-v-e the corner window.

  • pennyworth


  • I was glad to see that the exterior was designed to fit in well with the surrounding buildings. It’s much nicer than what the folks at Highland Park did. Very tasteful.

  • and much better than the vacant lot that was there collecing trash!

  • Really surprised how fast they put this together. Hopefully the momentum will carry to the storefronts just to the north (Billy Simms?) and to the forthcoming Safeway.

  • any further scuttlebutt on development around the area..beyond the safeway news?…more restaurants/retail at park place????sweet mango coming back?

    • Sweet Mango is closed (not living around there anymore)? Well, hope they spruce up the interior before/if they come back.

  • Home Depot flip job.

  • Pretty standard Donatelli job. Unnoticeable but not bad either.

  • How are you gonna put up a new building a block away from a metro stop, without ground level retail?! I get that there are still vacant spaces across the street, but there will come a time when they do get filled up and that area will demand more commodities. The lack of foresight seems a bit stupid. I’m sure people thought they wouldn’t have needed it at U & 13th street either back when it was transitioning.

    • It may not have been good for the developer but the lack of ground level retail may be a good thing – some of the derelict properties nearby could and should be retooled for retail. There are some stretches of “house front” and store front properties very nearby that could definitely use refurbishment (or demolition), these could easily become potential retail locations.

    • I prefer ground level retail too, but I gotta say, I’m tired of all the empty retail spaces in the nearby condos, so I’d prefer they fill the property at this point.

  • I think it looks very nice. I mean it’s nothing groundbreaking, but probably better than average for new residential construction in D.C. And it does a nice job relating to neighboring buildings without overwhelming them, which is a plus. And, the living spaces seem like they are very desireable from a functional perspective.

    I do think ground level retail there makes sense, but, there is SO much unfilled retail in that area right now, kind of hard to blame them. It could be many years before there is sufficient demand for additional retail in that area, what with all the new development and currently-vacant space in the area (including the big forthcoming Safeway project), including all the vacant space in the better-situated Park Place building.

  • glad it’s there vs empty lot but it’s boring…

  • I did see some people working inside of Sweet Mango the other day. Was in a bit of a rush and wish I had stopped to see what the deal is. But, it is the most activity I have seen there in a very long ti8me.

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