Good Deal or Not? “TWO LEVEL CONDO” edition

This condo is located at 1617 12th St, NW:

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The flier says:


You can find more info here and photos here.

Think this 2 bed/1.5 bath will go for $360,000 ($160 condo fee)?

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  • Wow. What’s the catch?

  • What’s the catch?

    “Two levels” == mostly in the basement.

    Notice how there are no shots of windows, except for the kitchen, where you can’t see any view, likely because it’s on the first floor.

    This is one of those places that’s only worth the money if you can rent it out for $2000/month. The location is pretty good, though.

  • I looked at this place when I was looking to buy. It’s a decent place, but wasn’t for me. It didn’t have that “home-y” feel. They do have Viking appliances which was a plus but the overall space felt small and tight. Additionally, I believe there were financing issues with the place, but don’t qoute me on that…

  • doesn’t seem like a “good deal” – looks tiny, no parking

  • Worst. Photos. Ever.

    • I’d have an opinion, but even after looking at the pictures, I have no idea what the place looks like. Except for the toliet that you can’t use, but still has cheap air freshener.

    • Amen.

      No effort whatsoever. I can’t tell what that place looks like and have no sense of how it flows.

  • I also looked at this place. It is not a basement, it’s all above ground, but there was not much natural light. I really wanted to like it because of the price and location, but the living area felt a little bit too cramped for us. It will be a great buy for some one though.

  • i think it’s a foreclosure.

  • is that a one burner stovetop?

  • I looked at this house when I was on my house search. The space and location were screamed good value. On closer inspection, the craftsmanship leaves something to be desired. Of interesting note, the half bath on the first floor is literally so small that you have to bend your knees so that your legs do not hit the sink while sitting on the commode. That aside, the floor boards were cracked and corners were cut, but the price and bi-level layout is very appealing.

  • Sorry, but bars on the windows are a bad sign. They aren’t there because they look pretty. Some of you are deep in denial.

    • Very true. They are used so criminals don’t break into our homes. I only wish that I were wealthy enough to afford a home without bars. Next time your taking a stroll through Dupont, take a look and see how many homes still have bars…

    • Please Kris – this is a very safe area and a safe block. Good bus routes, a block from Logan and walking distance to downtown.

  • it’s a foreclosure and it’s less than 800 sf. I’m not saying it’s a bad deal, just that the price is low for a reason.

  • i looked at another unit in this same building way back when — a short sale — because like this offering it looked like too good to be true. maybe they’ve cleaned up the building up since then, but back then the common area really looked like crap and left no doubt that this is a building that was not being maintained. the units were also all funky in terms of shape, and the work looked cheap and shoddy. in short, all indications pointed to high risk. i’d stay away, despite the good location.

  • That area is rough as hell.

  • This place is a mere 3 blocks from U Street the most happening area in the city with all of its diversity and happening clubs and Ben’s Motherfuckin Chili Bowl and somebody has the audacity to say that it is “rough as hell” except what they really mean is that there are sketchy black people hangin’ around maybe looking to rob your skinny white ass but hey there is a price for gentrification, U know what I’m sayin?

    • Then I’m guessing that your definition of “rough as hell” would be the opposite, like maybe Friendship Heights or someplace like that.

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