Good Deal or Not? “many new infra-structural attributes” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 100 W St, NW:

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The flier says:

“DRASTIC PRICE REDUCTION. A charming 4-level Victorian corner lot. MAIN RESIDENCE(3-level-3382 SF) and SEPARATE 2-BD garden UNIT(1064 SF)with potential $1800-$2000 rental income. Main residence offers stunning floor plan with original attributes. This completely and tastefully renovated building presents many new infra-structural attributes. Garage, Expanded beautifully landscaped front garden and more.”

You can find more info here and a small virtual tour here.

Wow, the woodwork looks pretty amazing. Originally going for $1,299,900 it is now on the market for $1,049,900. What do you think this 6 bed/4.5 bath will go for?

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  • The woodworking is amazing

  • What a tease! I want to see 23487923 more photos!

  • Has anything in Bloomingdale sold for more than $1M in recent years?

    • The answer is “No”. I think the highest SFH sale in the past two years in the neighborhood was high 800s. But this place is spectacular assuming all of the polish isn’t covering up some crappy mechanicals.

  • Gorgeous woodwork, kitchen looks like something from a McMansion in suburban Atlanta.

    The seller thinks someone would pay $1800-2000 to live in a 2BR basement in Bloomingdale, so if the house itself is overpriced by the same factor it’ll close at about $800k.

    • houseintherear

      I rent out a bedroom in my Bloomingdale house for $900/mo. A 2br apartment will rent there for $1800, especially in a house like this house. And a 6 bedroom house with rental income at that location will absolutely not close for $800k. Get a clue.

  • its nice and all but if i’m spending $1million+, not sure i’d pick this location

  • I toured this home last sunday as I live close by and wanted to see what it looked like. I have to say I was disappointed by the taste and quality of renovations. I don’t think this home is worth more than $700k and if you have $700k to spend, you should spend it elsewhere. The foyer and living room was about the only impressive parts of this house. The rest of the renovations were done with whatever was on sale at Lowe’s. Cheap flimsy doors, bathroom counters were plastic based cheap materials, the kitchen sink was not meant for that lay out (wall mounted sink plopped down on a counter about 4 inches from the wall that it was supposed to be mounted on. Steam lines for old radiators were just poking out of the ground and capped off. Wood work partially painted, cheap tile selection. the shower reminded me of something at a public swimming pool and the shower door was like something in an RV.

    As you can tell, I was not impressed with this house. I am sure if used to be a beauty and unfortunately a lot of the charm was removed and replaced with cheap doors, floors and counters. It still needs work. One might label it as turn key ready, but in need of a lot of immediate projects. 1.3M was a joke, 1.2M was a joke… This will sit on the market a lot longer.

    • If somebody has a more favorable opinion of it than resident after touring, I think it could go for $900K. But that is the ultimate max. I would say more likely $825K.

  • woodwork is very similar in many of those houses over there!

  • way too much for the area; would be highest price sale in zip code in years, I think.

    only some of the woodwork is orginal, while the rest is cheap home depot. along with the craptacular job they did on that fireplace, the cheap tile, and poor taste, it comes down to this – if someone were to spend 1.1 million on a home in the area, it wouldn’t be this one.

    probably, someone with that $ could buy another corner unit, with a bigger yard, even, and renno it to their own tastes and materials. wouldn’t just take the choices made by some flipper/newbie builder.

  • Surprised that no one has pointes out that the house is awkwardly arranged, more wide than deep. This isnt necessarily a bad thing; it gives more window space. It is a remarkable house though the other comments about the quality of the reno and the overpriced rental are accurate. Still there is no way it will go for less than 900. It may sit for a while for the right buyee.

  • I can’t believe I missed this. Lots more pics here:

    I think this sells for around $950k. The basement is worth 2k/month + utils. I’ve seen smaller basements near here rent for close to that, and this basement feels like a ground level apartment (check the pics). A dozen full sized windows, and bright as hell.

    I think the buyer comes in and redoes the tile, cabinet doors, and bathrooms, for maybe $50k, and makes this place gleam.

    • I wonder if it will be that high, just because some people have said it doesnt show well. However, its huge and houses north of RI on First sell for a LOT.

      I do think that 1mil is a barrier that wont be broken for a while in the area, at least until the housing market bounces back…

  • I covered this historic property in a April 2008 Scenes of the Past article:

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