Good Deal or Not? “Large master bedroom w/ bay windows” edition

This home is located at 304 Q St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Price Reduced & Ready to Sell!! FHA approved/VA eligible. Newly Constructed Luxury Condo Bldg: 2BD/1BA unit for sale, located in the heart of DC. High ceilings, Gourmet Kitchen w/ SS appl. & custom cabinets. Prewired Cable & Internet. HWF, tons of natural light, in-unit W/ D, spacious living room, custom tiled bathroom. Large master bedroom w/ bay windows. Walk to Metro or bike to work!”

You can find more info here and a few photos here.

I know this one could be hard because there’s only a few photos but I’m still curious what you guys think – it’s a 2 bed/1 bath going for $289,000 ($222 condo fee). Sound right?

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  • They dropped the price on this a couple of times. It was originally 304,000.00 Before i bought my place on Sherman I looked at this place. The space is really nice with high ceilings and I really liked the exposed brick. I really liked the space more than I do in my current condo. The only reason I didn’t put in offer was the neighborhood. I really didn’t like that fact that I saw a bunch young guys on the corner by a bunch of low rise apartments. Shouldn’t you be at work or school. Maybe they were condo shopping too and they were just BSing about the recess lighting they saw in N Street lofts. Then a couple weeks later you did a story about the police stand off there. I like two things lifting and drinking so the WSC and 4 bars that are less two blocks away from my doorstop made me skip that place. Its a great space in an up & coming neighborhood. I would only pay $279,0000 with seller help though.

  • Each floor is one unit. That’s the other thing I did like about the place you had 3 other neighbors. That’s it.

  • I live in that neighborhood, and it’s really not that bad. The young kids wandering about tend to be Dunbar students, and residents are generally friendly and neighborly. Sure the intersection of NJ & NY Aves lends itself to panhandling, and I wouldn’t hang out at some parks alone at night(unless I wanted some drugs), but I’ve never felt threatened. Just lock your doors well if your house is under construction, cause that copper wire disappears quickly. From my understanding, that police standoff turned out to be a 911 call from a paranoid person reporting a burglary that did not exist. But then again, crazy things can happened anywhere in this city, as seen by that poor man at Florida and North Capitol.

  • i think it’s a good deal. why was it priced so much higher in 2010, or was the $300,000 sale not just for that unit? the area is rapidly improving, it will be worth much more than that soon.

  • I live a few blocks from this project, and I had the chance to stop by and walk through during one of the open houses. They did a good job with finishes. I liked the open kitchen. One of the good things about this block in Shaw is there is only about three neighbors next to you, so it is a pretty quiet street. I rent a dated two bedroom and ready for upgrade. I’m saving up and looking to buy this spring. Hopefully the two bedroom is still available in this building.

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