Dear PoP – What’s Up With Snap in Adams Morgan?

“Dear PoP,

What’s the deal with Snap on 18th St.? It opened months ago, at first the hours were from 5pm-1am, or something like that geared toward the evening/late night Adams Morgan crowds. Then it changed its hours to open during the day, and that lasted a few months? Now it’s completely close all the time. I haven’t seen it open for weeks! Got any inside dirt?”

Hmm, I stopped by this weekend and on Sat. there were open around 3pm. I can understand the confusion, though, because the hours Mon. – Fri. are a bit unusual. They are open in Adams Morgan, Mon. – Fri. from 6pm – 11pm and on Sat. and Sun. from 10am – 11pm.

Do you guys think these hours make sense?

Snap is located in the old CD Exchange between Caliyogurt and Saki on 18th St, NW. There is also a Georgetown location at 1062 Thomas Jefferson St NW. Interestingly, the Georgetown location’s hours are listed as Mon-Sun 9 am – 11 pm.

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  • I had this same conversation with a friend this weekend. Even the times they are open, I have never seen more than one or two people inside at a time. I don’t recall the Georgetown location having such bizarre hours.

    • Is Adams Morgan really that busy during normal office hours? I think this schedule makes sense becuase most people would not be able to go prior to 6pm on weekdays anyway.

  • Must be a front. No way they could make enough money to pay the rent with those hours.

  • absurdly bizarre hours – and in support of the original question, I have noticed that, on random occasions, they’ll be closed during their supposed “open” hours. Maybe if we’re all reeaally lucky, they’ll close soon and a fro-yo/cupcake/pizza-by-the-slice place will open up in their place…

  • There are a lot of offices in Georgetown, and a lot students/university faculty with erratic work schedules, so it makes sense for Snap to be open all day over there. I think the majority of Adams Morgan residents, on the other hand, do have 9-5 jobs so they couldn’t be going at 2pm anyway.

  • The Yelp entry says it’s closed too. They better fix the misperception quick or it’ll hurt their biz even more. Actually decent crepes/prices and a welcome addition to that strip. The seating, on the other hand, could use some work (very uncomfortable, some upholstery felt like carpet).


  • I wish it was another Crepes a Go Go or Crepeaway in here instead. Snap has mediocre crepes and mediocre service (despite the fact that they barely have to serve you anyway), as well as really uncomfortable seating, as someone already mentioned.

  • i went there one evening and was the only patron. the manager said that this was their “soft opening” and that once they fixed everythign they would be officially open and trying to draw more traffic. he said that the interior would also change.

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