Dear PoP – It’s Gonna Snow!

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“Dear PoP,

I’m finding that no one but me (and the hardcore weather geeks) are talking about this yet. Six to ten inches! Squee!


**Major Winter Storm Will Impact Washington & Baltimore**
Wednesday: Periods of snow mixed with rain becoming a steady, heavy, wet snow during the afternoon. Morning highs near 35 falling to 30 by 2PM. Heavy wet snow accumulations of 6 to 10″. Chance of snow 100%.”

What do you guys think – is this gonna be our first real snowstorm of the year?

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  • IT BETTER SNOW. Getting tired of this cold weater with no payoff.

  • Were you here last year? What happened last year should put everyone permanently off of snow. Anyone who wants more of that crap is a sadist.
    Its akin to having an awful experience with tequila and then never being able to drink it, or even smell it, ever again…even if it was free…from a naked hot chick…

    • I was here last year, but I am still excited for snow! I guess growing up in the midwest means I’m accustomed to at least one big storm every winter.

      • I was here last year and it was one of the most memorable weeks of my life! Wish we could have a week like that every year. Skiing in the middle of North Capitol Street/Florida Ave to the bar, snowball fights (as long as everyone leaves the firearms at home), and fires in the fire place waiting to learn that work was canceled yet another day.


    • I was with you until the naked hot chick thing.

    • Pansy-ass lightweight.

    • Yeah, being stuck at home for a week suuuuucked. Not.

    • Sadist? I was here last year, and I say Bring! It! On!

    • I don’t know what neighborhood you live in but Mt. Pleasant and AdMo went to the bar for four straight days last year. To top it off, Heller’s Bakery was selling fresh warm ginger bread every single day and night of the so-called Snowpocalypse. If we get a snow day out of this, the dwarves and I are hitting repeat and doing it all over again. Sho ’nuff.

  • Agree with andy and several other commenters. I like winter, I like the cold that comes with it, and I feel ripped off if we don’t get at least one good snowstorm out of it. Last winter was a bit much, but I enjoyed the hell out of it while it lasted, because sometimes we get nothing.

    I could do without the wind, but for me that’s true in all temperatures.

  • The bubble shield surrounding DC this winter will protect us from major snow

  • This forecast is very much a wait-and-see what happens situation – we could get 6 inches of snow, or we could just get rain.

  • In fact, I was NOT here last year. I was traveling for work for much of February. On the equator. I left the day before it started, and returned to nothing but a few anemic dirty piles. I know, I know, world’s tiniest violin. The increasingly cabin-fevered texts from the spouse were entertaining.

    It comes down to childhood memories. Snowy days were fun days. It will take more than a couple of days in shut-down DC to dampen that nostalgia.

  • As long as the government closes down, the electric stays on and I’ve stocked up on food, beer and liquor, I don’t care it we get 3 feet of snow.

  • don’t buy into the local news snow inflation hysteria. these guys know the local patterns and are the best forecasters around:

    fwiw, i think that meteorology is really just a pseudoscience.

  • Noaa says 4″ to 8″, but they’ve predicted snow before this winter and nothing’s come. Would love 6″ to 10″, but I am not going to get my hopes up only to have them dashed. i will say nothing but rain, and hope to be proven wrong.

  • Emmaleigh504

    When I start getting paid for snow days, I’ll start wishing for snow. Until then, I hope the bubble shield holds up.

  • Oh, they’ll get a ton of snow 50 miles from here, but DC will see an inch or two. There really is some strange force field over the Beltway.

  • i don’t get paid for snow days, so i am predicting rain, mmmmkk.

  • Strange how those who don’t have to shovel snow or go to work (or get paid) regardless of the accumulation are screaming for snow, while those of us who own property and have work obligations if we are going to be paid hate it.

    I say screw the snow. Hate it. Ready for spring.

  • I love the snow – and I have to shovel it and go to work regardless. Not surprisingly it looks like the forecast was for much more than we got. My rule – take the forecast amount, divide by 3 and that’s what we’ll get.

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