Sticky Rice Closed After Non Fatal Stabbing Last Night on H St, NE

Frozen Tropics reports that Sticky Rice had been shut down after a non fatal stabbing their last night:

“There was a non-fatal stabbing incident at Sticky Rice last night, and the restaurant has been closed for the standard “up to 96 hours.” They shut down around 10pm last night.”

Sticky Rice is located at 1224 H St, NE.

Update from @HStreetDC on twitter: “MPD has made an arrest in the Felony ADW – Knife @StickyRiceDC. Customary closure until hearing can be held.”

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  • In other news, Executive Chef Jeffrey Dahmer has discontinued the Wednesday night Chichijima Sashimi special.

  • Damned ninjas . . .

  • *there last night

  • I heard on another site that the stabbing involved patrons of Sticky Rice & that there was no licensed ABC manager on duty.

    MPD closes establishments when their continued operation would present an imminent threat to public safety. It’s by no means “customary.”

  • Dang, those Groupon customers are a rough crowd!

  • The only argument I’ve ever seen in Sticky Rice was two guys trying to decide it if was going to be the spring of Britney or the spring of GaGa

    • i think you may be mistaking Sticky Rice for Georgetown…I have never heard anyone there speaking about either one of these people at Sticky Rice.

      Nice try though…

      • you’re so lame; but dc is lame so it makes sense; yeah h street NE is soooo cool; way above people that would EVER mention ‘either one of these people’; man the post is about a stabbing what the f are you retards talking about?

  • Guess they didn’t care for the Sticky Balls

  • Ouch. I had planned a dinner there tonight for my birthday. They called to tell me my reservation was canceled, but they didn’t tell me why!

  • They should call it stabby rice……….

  • This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Bloody Rice

  • caution—
    last comment written with drunken grammar.

  • i tried to shank a guy at sticky rice but all i could find was chopsticks 🙁

  • Lowtown Gangstas Representin’ At Da Rice! Beeatches beware!

  • If you don’t get stabbed, they’ll get you with the food poisoning. I’ve had three friends on three separate occasions get sick from eating there…

  • i was there, witnessed the whole thing. It was definitely not as bad as it seems. they stabbing was in the hand, and the guy is fine! it should barely be called a stabbing

    • so what exactly happened?

    • So should we re-term this a “light laceration with a cutting instrument?” Someone presumably pressed charges and someone was arrested. If you want people to take this less seriously than folks are, then please feel free to describe in detail what happened.

      • Take this less seriously?!?!?! There has been a dramatic uptick in ninja related crimes to include, ninja stars flying up and down H St, nunchuck muggings and Geisha prostitution rings operating in the open on the corner. Please Chief Lanier, please call Chuck Norris – he can save us!

        Seriously, hope the dude was ok (unless he deserved it). Love the tots at Sticky Rice!

      • I heard that the dude who got cut was actually trying to break up an argument (outside the restaurant) and got nicked with the knife. That’s it Lots of people are wondering why the shut down though – 96 hrs is pretty extreme and they lost a lot of money having to cancel all of their NYE reservations.

        I’m guessing though that b/c there was another very similar incident a couple of yrs ago, that it was considered a second time. (but this is purely conjecture)

  • when white people stab white people it’s never serious. It’s a cute aberration.

  • because the silence is deafening. Violence at a black joint? Veiled racism belying the munificent liberalism of my oh so progressive neighbors. Selling chicken wings? You’re destroying the neighborhood. I guarantee you if this was “the other” that did this, there would be a ton more posts on the frozen tropics blog. Instead, it’s move along, complain about chicken wings, etc.

    That said, it could have been a black hipster. Given the lack of info. and comments maybe it was a deafie from the college for the mutes. Who knows. I’m gonna go get some chicken.

    • it’s good to know where have cracker jack detectives like you figuring out the case and profiling the perps.

      how do you know so much about the case?

  • I do find it interesting that although this is “supposedly” the 2nd such incident at Sticky Rice that the ANC is not demanding more security, early closure, blah, blah, blah. While tubbs may be overboard, I do agree if this were one of the other “more urban” establishments, there would have been the typical let’s get rid of the thugs commentary.

    • overboard? OVERBOARD???? You might not like the cut of my jib, but it’s the only jib I’ve got! Bad is good! Down with Government!!!!!

  • @tubbs, why try and make something a race issue when you don’t have the details? i was on H St when all this happened last week, and as a matter of fact, the alleged ‘stabber’ was black and didn’t look like any hipster i’ve ever seen.

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