Lucky Brand Store Closing in Dupont at the end of Jan.

I just noticed that a big sign advertising “prime 1st floor retail” space has been posted above Lucky Brand Jeans located at 1739 Connecticut Ave NW.  I went in the store on Sat. and they confirmed that this location will be closing at the end of January.  However, the Georgetown location at 3273 M St NW will remain open.  The Dupont location is located right next to the old Anna Maria’s restaurant that remains vacant.

This is also just down the block from the old Lambda Rising space which will soon become a Comfort One Shoes.

What do you guys think will go into the “prime 1st floor retail” space? More retail? Another restaurant? Or it’ll sit vacant for a while?

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  • The demographics are just about perfect for another Comfort One Shoes at that location.


  • Would like to see Comfort One take over the entire block.

  • i work nearby and would prefer another food option.

  • Lucky Brands never carried my size anyway.

  • bout time they change their name to Comfort 6 or 7.

  • About time to change the neighborhood name to Comfort One Circle.

  • Clearly, “NoDuCi” still lacks the economic clout to attract a Givenchy. Is there ANYWHERE in this town where a discerning fashion plate can purchase riding boots made from the hides of rainbow-farting unicorns?

  • There are TOO many Comfort One shoes around, cluttering up an already negligable “DC fashion landscape”

  • Aww, when did the Anna Maria’s close? That place was so cozy and charming (though the food was awful, so I’m not surprised).

  • Considering the ANC of Dupont Circle and the Dupont Circle Citizens Association have ran out tons on gay businesses, restaurants and bars, and as a result a lot of the gay customers as well, it looks like Dupont Circle will become another mecca of Ann Taylor Lofts and Lane Bryants.
    It’s sad that these organizations would rather have empty store fronts than businesses occupy them. All because they would rather pretend to live in a quiet cul de sac in Ashburn instead of the vibrant neighborhood Dupont once was?
    What a crock!

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