Dear PoP – Question about Gym options in Petworth

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“Dear PoP,

I am closing on a house on 4th Street in Petworth on January 25th. I have been doing some research on the area and it doesn’t seem like there are many fitness/gym options in the area for me within walking distance. I used to live in Columbia Heights and there is a decent WSC there, but is that the only option I have? Is there anything planned in the future in the Petworth community?”

Back, back in the day we were told that a Results Gym was going to come to Georgia Ave in the new building at 3910 Georgia Ave, NW across from Qualia Coffee. That deal fell through and a clinic/school is coming in its place. I haven’t heard anything else about a new gym. I assume many use the WSC in Columbia Heights or places near their work. Any Petworth area gyms that I’m not aware of?

We looked at some city wide gym recommendations here and here.

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  • We belong to the WSC in CH, which is over crowded and the machines are in crappy shape, half the TVs don’t on the treadmills and such.

    What we need is a Fitness First!! If you’re listening, Fitness First, my wife and I would be first in line if you opened in PW! Pretty, please?

  • I would be happy with a gym that had just weights. I don’t need showers, a pool, or even treadmills.

  • You get your workout in our neighborhood by running from the kids with guns! No, seriously, a new gym (with pool?!) somewhere along the GA Ave corridor would be awesome for those of us living up in Petworth Heights!

  • i go to vida on P street –easy to take 54 etc or s2 etc buses then take 54 etc buses to columbia heights to go home. its long but i really didn’t like WSC.

  • I’d love to have a good gym in Columbia Heights – WSC is crap and I’m sure a decent place would have no trouble in attracting members. I’d be first in line.

  • I know it’s not for everyone (especially macho men who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga and aerobics), but a lot of cable providers have free exercise programs “on demand” and they’re fantastic. Instead of blocking off an hour to go to the gym everyday I just work out at home whenever I had time to spare (usually 10 minutes in the morning and 30-60 minutes in evening). There’s so much variety and the selections change all the time.

  • Petworth has a GREAT Cardio program, walk through any Petworth street after dark, you will soon find PLENTY of cardio running for your life : )

    • oh come on with the snarkfest, please. I’ve lived in Petworth for 5 years, walk home from the metro daily, and have never felt afraid because of anyone I’ve encountered.

  • The Takoma Rec Center has a great pool that is rarely crowded (except for occasional swim meets). They have a small gym with a few treadmills, machines, and free weights. But don’t go! I like having it mostly to myself.

  • I’ve heard the CH WSC is horrible, so I stuck with the gym near my office when I moved to Petworth. Sorry, there aren’t any real options other than the CH WSC and the Takoma Rec Center (where the pool is pretty sweet).

    If you go to the Upshur Pool in the summer, they often close off a lane for lap swiming, but they don’t open early enough that you could do a workout before work.

  • The Emery Rec Center on Georgia and Madison has a very basic fitness center which is never very crowded and the membership is cheap

  • Someone needs to open a Gym in Petworth!

  • How odd! I was just researching gym options in Petworth less then 30 minutes ago and just came upon this post… I lived in Columbia Heights last year and went to the WSC – so convenient, and had great aerobic and dance classes. But it got insanely crowded and it was no fun trying to find a narrow space in class or waiting in line for equipment after a long day at work. So I stopped going and dropped my membership. I now live in Petworth and jogging around the neighborhood is the only option it seems. Bottom Line: Yes, please bring any kind of gym to Petworth, I’ll be the first to sign up.

  • We need a gym in Bloomingdale!!!! They have a great yoga place, may be beside that!

  • Never had a problem at WSC. Convenient, friendly, efficient. If you can adjust your schedule at all, it’s worth a try. I’ve never had a wait. Locker rooms are clean and well stocked. After all the WSC bashing on this forum, I was surprised to have such a pleasant experience.

  • WSC in CH isn’t bad. It can be crowded, and there are machines broken from time to time, but I have seen nothing worse than I have seen at any other gym, urban or suburban. If you have some flexibility for time, you can probably find a less crowded period with a little exploring. It is not very convenient for Petworth dwellers, although I walk from CH to Petworth and back every day for work, and that could be part of your exercise routine, if you like. Parking in DCUSA is not crowded, but 14th St. traffic there can be a pain.

  • You’ve gotta get more creative than just running from Petworth’s young shooters for exercise.

    I want my own DC Ethiopian trainer running me up and down the steps at the Roosevelt High stadium and putting me through decades on the track.

    I want to chase illegal DC backyard chickens, break the ice to swim laps in Upshur Park pool in the winter, carry coffins up to Rock Creek Cemetery from one of Petworth’s funeral homes, haul tofu into Yes! Organic Market, and swat flies off the meat at the GA Ave Safeway and pull pizzas out of the brick oven at Moroni Bros. for speed training.

    I want to run skills drills against the Salvadoran dudes playing pickup in Piney Branch Park and play 3-on-3 on the Upshur Courts. Catch the medicine ball as I stand in the spray park with the water on in the dark as the dudes from the corner shoot up the place.

    I want to go over to get blessings from the padre at St. Gabriel’s, climb the pines in Grant Circle, and run with the dogs at the Clark Elementary/Haynes PCS dog park.

    And of course I’ll finish my montage by competing with (and losing to) the old dudes from the Armed Forces Retirement Home in a one-handed pushup contest, and going over to the Hitching Post for some fried chicken.

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