Admiring the New(ish) Columbia Heights Sidewalk Mosaics

I haven’t really noted how awesome the new(ish) mosaics look up and down 14th St, NW in Columbia Heights. Do you guys like the way they turned out? Here are a few of my favorites.

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  • I think the mosaics in Columbia Heights detract from the area. They look like they belong in an amusement park, not a city. In addition, to me, they already look dated like they are from the 80’s. But I am also not a fan of the street-scape that was chosen for the area either so maybe if they were in another setting I would like them better.

  • Love em! Especially the DC map with the heart.

  • Do we really need a “Malcom X” tile? He was a racist and very divisive, its bad enough that we have a park named after this guy. Why don’t we have a KKK tile thrown in there to balance things out.

    • If you consider the drums on the mosaic, you might guess that the mosaic honors the Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers. This is a performing/community group that has been working out of CH for many years.

    • You’re an idiot. Try reading a book.

    • Yea, “balance things out”. Get your head out of your ass!

    • I wonder, do people ever research before posting about Malcolm, or do they just go off of what they’ve heard about him? Everytime something is posted about him, someone always talks about how terrible he was and how he shouldn’t be honored.

      Did you know that not too long after he left the Nation of Islam and became a devout Muslim, and after he took his hajj to Mecca he renounced his earlier hateful views? This information can be found by just reading the Wiki on him:

      “In a 1965 conversation with Gordon Parks, two days before his assassination, Malcolm said:

      [L]istening to leaders like Nasser, Ben Bella, and Nkrumah awakened me to the dangers of racism. I realized racism isn’t just a black and white problem. It’s brought bloodbaths to about every nation on earth at one time or another.

      Brother, remember the time that white college girl came into the restaurant—the one who wanted to help the [Black] Muslims and the whites get together—and I told her there wasn’t a ghost of a chance and she went away crying? Well, I’ve lived to regret that incident. In many parts of the African continent I saw white students helping black people. Something like this kills a lot of argument. I did many things as a [Black] Muslim that I’m sorry for now. I was a zombie then—like all [Black] Muslims—I was hypnotized, pointed in a certain direction and told to march. Well, I guess a man’s entitled to make a fool of himself if he’s ready to pay the cost. It cost me 12 years.

      That was a bad scene, brother. The sickness and madness of those days—I’m glad to be free of them.[221]”

      The man spent the majority of his life hating a group of people, realized he was wrong, admitted how wrong that was and even worked in the last few years of his life to change the acrimony he created through his earlier beliefs, knowing that doing so (speaking out against the NOI’s views) put a bounty on his head. No one wants to speak on that, however.

      If you get a chance, read his autobiography. Or hell, just read a book about his life. You’ll have a better understanding of who he truly was.

  • I like the coffee/chess one especially! It’s something that can transcend race/class divisions…

  • The Malcom X tile is offensive. That man is a terrorist.

  • They probably didn’t have enough tiles to do a Martin Luther King, Jr mosaic or even one for Bayard Rustin. But in all seriousness, either of those men would have been more deserving.

  • I had no idea Malcolm X was into percussion. By any beat necessary?
    Besides, by the time Malcolm was killed, he saw that the whole racism thing wasn’t working out after all. . . part of the reason they killed him.

  • Could have put “Puente” for the drums. It would make more sense.

  • Just commented to my husband yesterday about them while walking back from 5 guys. I think they look great and add some interest to the ground while you are walking around the area.

  • Who designed them?

  • They are certainly more pleasing to my eye than the ones near the fountain. Those photo whatevers are just fugly

  • Nice work, GreenRoof!

  • They remind me of the manhole covers in Japan!

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