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Re-Judging Restaurants – Oohhs and Aahhs

by Prince Of Petworth November 30, 2010 at 12:00 pm 16 Comments

We’ve spoken a few times about Oohs and Aahhs located at 1005 U St, NW and there was nearly universal praise. So I was surprised to receive the following email:

“Went to Ooh’s and Aah’s on U ST today for the first time for lunch. Ordered their special. Fried chicken breast, two sides. When I went to pay… 17.95, thinking that was for two of us, I paid, but it was for one meal. I was appalled. I’m sure it’s good chicken but isn’t that ridiculous?”

You can see their regular lunch menu here.

Those prices seem normal. Has the special always cost so much? I wonder if there was an increase after they were seen on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri?

What do you guys think – is Oohhs and Aahhs still one of the best spots in town?

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  • Tobin

    Good food but waaay too overpriced.

  • SG

    They once tried to charge me the “white person tax” of over $20 for the chicken meal. They claimed it was a late-night surcharge. Of course I walked out.

  • Anonymous

    Emailer must have a pretty big appetite. I am 6’5, 240 pounds and can not, for the life of me, finish more than 2/3 of that meal. Place is still great in my book.

  • gk

    pricey, yes…but i can easily get 2-3 meals out of one order from oohhs and aahhs (which is delicious).

    • RegO


      Also, they have the best Mac’n’Cheese that I’ve ever had!!

  • Good, pricey, but inline with the neighborhood. You can get better collards, mac & cheese, fried porkchops and chicken for less at Levi’s, but that’s a function of it being next to the Navy Yard instead of being on U Street.

  • Eli

    Agreed on one plate lasting the two of us two days each.

  • So, Just Sayin’

    Not good. Not good at all. I have never understood the hype about that place.

    • Anonymous

      just curious, do you make a distinction between “hype” and a bunch of people saying they like it?

  • Truxton K

    I still like it. $15 – $20 for a 2-person meal ain’t bad in DC.

  • Fl

    Best Mac and cheese ever

  • m.m

    I also had the similar shock of the $20 meal after hours — so maybe it isn’t a white man tax (I’m not white) but it’s entirely ridiculous and not clearly written anywhere – and she had already prepared the food before she told me, so I felt pressured to pay. I love soul food and there isn’t another good place for it in the city, but because of that alone (seriously…$20???) I’m never going back.

  • Cheese

    Overpriced, not very tasty. Mac and cheese is way overrated.

  • Masked Avenger

    Oohs and Aahhs is overpriced, but sadly the soul food options around U St and DC in general are lacking. Reading some of the comments praising O&As mac and cheese reminds me of reviews seen on Yelp, “this is the best [insert food] I’ve ever tasted etc.” I have to laugh at such hyperbole. If you think O&As mac is that good, you must not have had much or any mac and cheese in your life.

    A better soul food option was Hitching Post in Petworth, they would serve you a 1/2 chicken meal for less than $20, but I think they have closed. Best take out soul food in the area is Flavors in Falls Church, meals average around $11 for much better food than O&As.

  • Tina

    Good food, but certainly overpriced for a diner style restaurant even for U street. It is definitely not the best mac and cheese I’ve tasted but it is good. Worth the splurge every now and again.


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