Breakdancing at Crafty Bastards in Adams Morgan

Despite all the awesome crafts at crafty bastards my favorite part is always the breakdancing. It didn’t disappoint this year either. Anyone else catch the breakdancing? I can’t believe how crowded the festival has gotten. Do you think they need to expand next year or is the size right?

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  • They should have the fair both Saturday and Sunday. As crowded as it was Saturday, there was a ton I either couldn’t see or wasn’t willing to fight to see so I’d definitely go back for a second day if there was one.

  • I heard that they might be considering moving it over to that big parking lot downtown where the old convention center was.

  • More space and two days needed! Same as A above, I left after less than an hour because I couldn’t stand to fight my way inside certain tents (only to find out knitwares were over $60! Pssh)


  • desperately needs more space. Couldn’t get to/see 75% of the crafts because of the crowds.

  • i don’t know how keen they would be on having that many people walking on the grass but craft bastards seems better suited to a venue like malcom x/meridian hill park

  • They desperately need more space. I couldn’t reach 75% of the booths because of the crowds. I totally wanted to spend money, but I wasn’t willing to fight through the hordes of people.

  • I’ve only been once, 3 years ago, and it was super-crowded even then. Sounds like it’s only gotten more popular since then.

  • I kinda like the “gritty urban” feel of the current space. The way it’s crammed into an odd little area gives it more hipster cred.

  • Love the break dancing competition! A super-fine tradition of this festival. It’s nobody’s fault that I’m barely 5’3″ and that’s my only problem with this event. It was very difficult to find a good perch for the show this year but I managed and watched until the winner was announced.

  • I would have liked to have seen Jay McCarroll breakdance. He would have rocked!

  • looks like the guy in the first pic is having some kind of weird spasm. Like Beelzebub has possessed his body or something. I hope he’s OK today. Some hot soup and bed rest should fix him up, send that ole Satan back to Hades!

  • i liked that the porta johns were all the way across a field that had bleachers facing them. sorta like a weird walk of shame.

  • My son and I had a ball. But who knew that 75% of the beatboys in D.C. were Asian? That was unexpected.

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