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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant: Stop talkin’ that jibber-jabber!

    Rave: Lordy!

  • Rant: woman who lost her car at convention center was parked in a handicap spot using her husband’s permit when he wasn’t with her.

    • I can’t believe that woman let the article be published. There is not a single factor in that story that redeems her. It’s like the current crop of reality TV “stars”: they’ll let themselves be portrayed in any and all atrocious behavior just to get their name in lights for a minute.

  • Rant: Just scrolled through the Petworth neighborhood section of PoP and it’s really sad how many posts are about crime/shootings in the area.

  • Rant: Is it just me, or are the streets getting worse? Potholes, metal plates with sharp pins sticking out of them. DC must get kickbacks from tire makers… Shoddy contractor road repairs! Bah!

    Rant: Trash collectors in my neighborhood leaving trash cans, broken bottles, and debris all over our newly renovated alley.

    Rant: Broken bottles on the streets despite street sweeping that doesn not occur every Wednesday and Thursday. 😛

    Rave: Yay! New Mayor, and its not Marrion Barry!~

    Rave: Maybe our new mayor will fix the vague pedestrian rules and poorly thought out bike and bus lanes in DC restoring order once again. (fingers crossed)

    • your alley was ‘renovated’? what does that mean?

      • Many alleys with historic pavers, such as Belgian block, get special treatment for some reason. The alley behind my old apartment building in Mt. Pleasant looked nicer than most of the neighborhood streets after they re-did the paving stones.

  • Rant: Crime in Petworth/Brightwood this weekend. That’s a lot of violence.
    Rave: New Captcha codes!

  • Rant: Shootings in Petworth on Saturday night. We need residents to organize and do something to stop this nonsense.

    Rave: Happy to be alive.

  • Rave: Watched a cop tackle a bicyclist this morning who was attempting to cross in front of a motorcade.

    Rant: Said bicyclist didn’t get any of the four traffic tickets he deserved.

  • Rave: Repaving and new bicycle lanes on 5th St NW/Park Place NW. When you are going south on Park and the road curves around towards the McMillan reservoir the bike lanes used to end and then there were lots of potholes as you went under the bridge for Michigan Ave, making it pretty scary (at least for this biker). They just repaved so it’s smooth biking and new bike lanes are going in that will make this area much more safe 🙂

  • Rave: New Capital Bikeshare bikes arrive
    Rant: Everyone wants to try them on the first day so there aren’t any available

  • RAVE: Great weather, stuffed with Greek festival goodness (burp)
    RANT: Drive-bys are so lame. Also, when are they going to put swings in at 8th and Taylor? The kids are complaining and making me drive to a different playground.

  • Rant: Car was keyed while parked in front of my house last night – not just on one side, but on both doors which means that someone cared just enough to brave the traffic of Sherman in order to get a long, deep gouge along my driver’s side door.

    What makes my little economy car a target? The fact that I obviously can’t spend money on repairs? Are neighborhood kids really that bored?

    Rant 2: Today is Monday and too many of my colleagues refuse to take car of their own issues. I’m ready for the day to end.

  • Rant: Starting my 14th consecutive day of work.

    Rave: Maybe only 1-2 more weeks to go.

  • Revel in the Rerun! What’s Happening, man!

  • Rant: Went to the Midnight launch of Halo:Reach at the Best Buy in Wheaton on Tuesday night. Because Columbia Heights Best Buy can’t stay open because they are enclosed. And Best Buy Tenleytown wouldn’t answer the phone when I called them to see if they were doing a midnight launch of Halo:Reach.

    So drove up to Wheaton. And sorry, but for as much of a sausage-fest that a midnight launch of a video game would be, there was WAY too much Axe Body spray. Who are they trying to impress?

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