Judging New Buildings/Renderings – 1821 15th St, NW

This building is being built on the lot located at the corner of 15th and Swann St, NW. If the new building matches the rendering I’ll be seriously impressed. You guys think it’s possible?

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  • Wow. If it in fact looks like that drawing, it will be remarkably similar to the house that once stood there. The original house was in very poor condition when it was destroyed by fire in February 2006.

  • Also ironic that they wouldn’t allow a 3rd floor a block away. Sometimes HPRB doesn’t make any sense…

    Looks amazing though

  • i know it probably not creatively fulfilling for an architect to simply mimic the past, but that looks effing gorgeous.

  • I think a 2BR/2BA “from the 450s” (which is what the sign in front says) on one of the nicest streets in DC sounds like a hell of a deal. Or, you could opt for the same thing on 1st and Randolph (todays GDON) Hmmmm, decisions decisions

  • Some of the neo-Victorians in that area aren’t too bad, so I am optimistic. And after the Kennedy Warren was completed in such a fine fashion a few years ago, I guess anything is possible.

  • Bear

    Wow. Three of the four units are already under contract, according to Capital City Real Estate’s web site.

  • Not sure where they got 450’s- that must be the one in the basement. Three of these units are already under contract for$499k, $519k and $529k.

    The reason the plans are so detailed is because the previous owner had them done by an expensive architect, but then either ran out of money or decided not to go forward with the project. The lot was for sale for almost a year with the plans included, and Cap City bought it last year.

  • There’s no way that building will end up looing like that rendering. for $450K/2 BR many corners will be cut.

  • I echo CAHBF in terms of pricing. I am surprised that a 2 Bedroom/2 Bath would not go at least in the high $600s for that area.

  • Ground-up construction actually does not cost that much. There aren’t many regional differences in new construction costs, even in a high-cost area like DC. It’s usually the land itself that makes development expensive. The ground-up construction for this will probably cost $700k. Ironically, it often costs more to renovate an existing building than to build from ground up.

  • With four units in that price range… the building could very well look that nice when it’s done. It’ll come down to the skill of the carpenter(s). The incremental cost of the corbels and such isn’t too bad especially now that they are off the shelf / mass produced items. And synthetic materials that look like slate could be used for the roof, without the handling difficulties of the real thing.


  • Blahh.. very very boring indeed just trying so desparately old.

  • Well, I’m less than impressed that Capital City managed to spell “Dupont” incorrectly in the ad. Sheesh, this ain’t Delaware! Other than that, the house looks nice, but the 3rd floor will look a little odd without a similar roof line next door.

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