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25th Set of Entries for the 2010 Coolest Pet in PoPville Contest

Ed. Note: The deadline has passed for entries, we got over 300! If you missed the deadline, save your shots for next year, sorry no exceptions. We’ll be wrapping up initial postings this week before the semifinal rounds commence. Remember if you have a favorite please let me know. Though, don’t make up names and “vote” for your pet multiple times. If you do so, and I catch you, (which is not hard to catch) your pet will be disqualified.


“Here’s a picture of Tugga. She has a ton of personality and everyone knows her around Col Ht/Petworth.”


“Gus (and his favorite red ball) enjoying Rock Creek Park.”


“The ultimate lap-cat, my one-eyed rescue kitty Mr. Binklesworth Trevor York St. Kitt the Third (Binky), now 11 years old. He’s lonely as he lost his brother a month ago, so now he’s trying to make new friends with all the neighborhood cats (and raccoons). Vote Binky!”

Lots more great entries after the jump.


“Name: Winny Foote; Looking For: Friendship, Snacks; Birthday: February 22, 2010; Current City: Washington, D.C.; Employer: I’m a lady who lunches; Likes & Interests: Mr. Fox, belly scratches, PoP, tinkling on Mimi’s rugs (she gets so mad!), ice cubes, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, socks, Biz Markie, day-dreaming the day away, chillin’ with Carter, the good life…”


“This is Bixby. She’s a 10-week old puppy and new to the neighborhood (we just adopted her yesterday). She’s enjoying her new home in Mt. Pleasant.”


“Hi, I’m Eleanor, I also go by Ellie! I am one mouthy cat! I love meowing and sure do know how to hold a conversation. I also love giving kisses! Although, my mom doesn’t always appreciate it when when I wake her up by licking her face.”

“Kittens Eleanor and Roosevelt curled up to watch a movie on the computer.”


“I am a six toed cat named Obi Wan Kenobi. I was orphaned at just a few weeks old, and rescued by my new family. While I have some extra toes, I love sucking on people’s thumbs.”


“Here’s Ripley in all of his jpeg glory! And any dog that makes cars screech to a halt on Rock Creek Church road to have people ask about him has to be the coolest pet in Popville!”


“Little Ms. Charlotte of Shaw”

“Ollie and Bertus are brothers from different mothers and both from the NY Ave shelter. They love to wrestle in the evening. They’re fairly evenly matched in the win/loss column.”


“Hi. Attached please find a picture of “Oliver,” the cutest (and coolest) Shih-Tzu you’ll find in DC.”

“Shaw dogs on vacation. Nice to get out of town every now and then.”

miette omar thurgood

“Here’s some pics of our cat Miette (all black), who we adopted of the streets of Petworth (9th and Quincy) as a kitten. Of course we found later she was pregnant with two kittens, who we kept (Thurgood, all grey, and Omar, black and white).”


thurgood and omar

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