Good Deal or Not? “garden plot and shared backyard” edition

This condo is located at 3656 New Hampshire Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“Renovated 1 bedroom condo in Columbia Heights close to shopping, dining and metro. Unit has all stainless appliances, hardwood floors and efficient washer and dryer. Private parking, garden plot and shared backyard.”

You can find more info here and a few photos here.

There are actually two units for sale in this building. The one described here is a 1 bedroom going for $349,000 ($220 condo fee). But there is also a studio going for $225,000 ($170 condo fee). Do you think either sound reasonable?

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  • $514/sqft is pretty darn high. I wouldn’t spend it.

  • Come on, the listing calls it Columbia Heights? Why not proudly admit it’s PETWORTH!

  • Hmm, someone thinks it’s still 2007?

    Way, way overpriced for a renovated, average sized one bedroom with a “just okay” kitchen and tiny bathroom (if the skant pics are any guide) and wall-unit AC. You can get a new construction 1 br much closer in for that price.

  • Was it really a good idea to keep the blinds closed for those photos??

  • Agree. This is a really bad deal.

  • Agree – these are nicer building / nicer neighborhood prices. I think they should each be about $50k lower.

    I would also call this area Petworth, FWIW.

  • That building is visually atrocious. You’d have to be OK with living in ugliness. At least when you look out the window, you wouldn’t have to look at your own building. The rowhouse next door is pretty cute.

  • Close to Metro. Private parking and yard access a big plus. A search for anything under $350K on Redfin in this area comes up only lightly flecked. However…Could you cover that mortgage with rent later? You would have to put a chunk of money down.
    There are certain aspects of living in Petworth I like, and getting more space for your money is one of them. There are still a lot of 1-BRs (no parking) in a nice part of Adams Morgan and Kalorama Triangle in cool buildings for $375K and under. So why would you buy this place instead, unless you drive an Escalade or have been thrown out of every bar on 18th and Columbia?

    • Those 1 br’s in AdMo going for reasonable amounts in “cool buildings” are terrible. I was looking for a condo for several months in that area and had my heart set on one of thos buildings. It didn’t take long for me to realize that you generally had to deal with huge condo fees, no washer/dryer in unit (sometimes in building), often no dishwasher and no parking in an area that blows many other neighborhoods out of the water for difficult parking. I still love that neighborhood and god bless you if you found something in one of those old buildings for under $400k that isn’t the way I described it, but I sure didn’t.

      • There’s a 1 br in my old building in Mt. Pleasant for $40K less, and it’s a much more attractive building/space with low fees, fairly new renovations, and a great location right at the top of Mt. Pleasant St., short walk to Col Hts and metro.

        1673 Park if anyone is looking.

  • Speaking of 2007, the one bedroom unit sold in August 2007 for $296k, and it had already been renovated.

  • Wouldn’t that be PARKVIEW, not Columbia Heights or Petworth?

    • Parkview is on the other side of Sherman/9th/New Hampshire, as I understand it. This is Columbia Heights by city designation, but Petworth by popular perception.

  • yard sharing never ends well

  • They forgot: “Convenient to BRAND NEW CVS”

  • The brick mews on Biltmore sometimes has renovated units but the 1 BRs don’t include parking. True it’s definitely a Zip Car neighborhood unless you are willing to walk a bit to your car every day. We put up with it for many years but once we started driving to a daycare it got old fast.
    Renovators! What’s up with this place? DC7246010
    and this one (near tonight’s 14th and Quincy block party?) DC7350267

  • Petworth is east of Georgia and north of Rock Creek Church, but even so the listing should mention the short distance to the metro. The metro entrance with the leaf sculpture is at the very southern tip of Petworth. It might be easier to *call* it Petworth though.

  • I agree that it seems a little high, but I don’t think there are many other properties with that proximity to the metro that are much cheaper. Maybe just low inventory right now, or people are waiting to see if prices go up before they sell. Just two years ago, a couple of row houses on my block were going for just a little more than this (just a few blocks south @ Sherman and Park).

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