Good Deal or Not? “Country style kitchen” edition

This home is located at 1374 Taylor St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Top to bottom renovation right off of 14th st! Close to shops and Metro. This beautiful renovation includes 4bdrms, 3.5 baths with marble tile. Country style kitchen with granite, maple wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Private 2 car parking with garage door. Bamboo wood flooring, a fully finished basement and many more modern upgrades! This one will not last.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

What do you think of the reno? The kitchen? What exactly is a country style kitchen? Does $659,900 sound reasonable for this 4 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • Seems cheap for the area and that much house. There is a real premium for turnkey houses.

    • not many houses in this immediate neighborhood go for more than this price, so i don’t know if that’s accurate.

      for this price, i think the developer could have made more of an effort to keep original detail. i think it’ll go for $635k

  • Looks like it’s 3br 2.5 baths upstairs and a 1br/1 bath in the finished basement. If you can get a C of O for it and you’re willing to be a landlord, I say good deal.

    • “Kitchen” in basement seems underdone — a tiny dishwasher and mini-fridge? It’s really a bar, not making it a prime rental.

  • Looking at some of the comparables, I think $600,000 is more appropriate. According to redfin, the previous sale was in April 2010 for $315,000. Does that mean a complete renovation was done in 4 months?! That seems super fast.

    • Agreed, though I’d say it probably goes for $625-640k. There are 3 houses just in the Redfin comps alone that have sold within 2 blocks of this one for more than $600k, so I don’t think the price is completely absurd.

      Two houses on my block have recently been listed (and one sold) by A-K Real Estate. I don’t know if they’re affiliated with a particular developer, but I can tell you that both were done in about 3-4 months. May not sound like long, but those guys were working 12 hours days fairly often.

  • How is black granite and Ikea cabinets county style?

  • It seems pretty high to me, pricewise.
    I live down the street in CH on 13th St. and would like to believe that this is a reasonable price (but I don’t).
    Captcha proving difficult to read again.

  • Question for you real estate mavens out there.
    I wrote the previous post (13th St, CH)
    I have lived in my house for 30 years and made it livable and very nice and I like it just the way it if HOWEVER in today’s world it would be considered a little undesirable.
    I have a beautiful authentic 1930’s kitchen (in a 1910 house) a half bath on the main floor and 1 pathetic but adequate bath on the upper floor. Unfinished basement. If I were to sell (no intention of EVER selling, BUT) would it pay for me to renovate? Redo kitchen, add bathrooms, finish basement–perhaps add rental unit?
    Sorry for what clearly is an inappropriate posting.

    • saf

      I would buy it that way SO fast, because I love old houses.

      You either want a buyer like me, or you would have to do some updating.

      Let me point out that this is worth doing some seriously in-depth research on as you rarely get back out in increased value what you put in, especially from kitchens and baths, as most buyers will want to re-do those anyhow.

      • I was going to say the same thing. I love original stuff, but many people don’t. Refinishing the basement would probably appeal to just about everyone, though. Not even as a rental, just as extra usable space. two-thirds of our basement is finished, about 5-600 square feet, and will probably be the difference between us staying in the house for several more years with kid(s) and needing a bigger place.

    • OMG! Keep the original kitchen! I love love love when I go into an old house and it DOESN’T have some new modern kitchen with “fabulous” granite countertops, just waiting to get dated. In fact, if I can ever afford to re-do my kitchen with custom cabinets, I plan to model them after my neighbor’s gorgeous 1940 wood cabinets with deco nickel hinges.

    • Most likely not worth the money and effort and you are ultimately better of selling as is. Especially since you are not a professional flipper and you would likely therefore end up spending more than a flipper would.

  • Too high for that far north of Spring. Will sell in high $500s I think.

  • Thanks. Yes the finishing of the basement would be desirable BUT in my case not necessary, so the question is: Is it worth it for resale? One could say that one could derive the benefit by doing it and enjoying it until you resell BUT that much renovation would be a headache I could do without, and again, I could do without the benefit of the finished basement as well.
    Of someone tells me I could increase my profit it would have to be really substantial to make it worth my while.
    50K plus at least in profit. Probably not I’d say.

  • Since I live in this neighborhood I’d be thrilled if it went for that price but I have to say high 500s, maybe 600k at best for the area. The house looks like it was redone on the cheap with nothing special. And I have no idea why they call that a “country kitchen”. To me, country kitchen would mean cottage style- like with paned windows, maybe a decoupage finish to the wood, chicken wire instead of glass or a door. This is pretty much your standard Home Depot/Ikea contractor remodeled for quick resale kitchen.

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