Coming to 2400 14th St, NW (b/w Belmont and Chapin)

“Dear PoP,

Do you have any information on the nice looking store front at the new View 14 apartment building loated at Florida/14? It appears to have multi levels and perhaps a perfect spot for a mid size grocery store or bookstore or something like that. What do your readers think?

Also, what is happening with the empty lot across from it?”

Well the lot across the street has just started sporting a coming soon sign. So that’s positive. Construction of the old Nehemiah Shopping Center has been slated to begin in Fall 2010. You can see a rendering here. Back in Nov. ’09 we learned that There will be 240,000 square feet of which 16,000 will be retail and the rest will be 225 apartments.

As for the View 14 retail space, back in the day it was slated to become a gym but that deal fell through. No word yet on a possible new tenant. I’ll be sure to update when any developments or rumors occur.

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  • Finally, some retail coming to that hideous disaster of a building, View 14? Say it ain’t so!

  • I toured the building a few months back (it sucks, crappy workmanship and plastic floors. nice view though) and the pitch guy told me they were going to try and get a Borders or B&N. I laughed at him and told him national chain book stores weren’t exactly the type to invest in transitional neighborhoods, heck they are just trying to keep open the stores they have.

    My impression is that they have no active campaign to fill the spaces and are holding out for a chain-mega-bar to contact them.

    • Sorry hombre, but this neighborhood is far from transitional. Maybe 5 years ago, but I’d say the transition is done. Frankly, this is one of the best parts of NW, given the convenience to U Street, two metros, CH, Petworth, AM, Dupont, LOgan, and downtown via multiple bus and metro routes. Glad to see that the vacant lot is getting developed.

      • It’s across the street from a project dude. It’s a great area but it isn’t one for national chain investment is my point

  • I see the sign says “Working with Councilmember Graham”…

    So can we assume the entire thing will be Section 8?

  • What would you like to see there? would a grocery store work there?

  • I think a Trader Joe’s and/or a Marvelous market would do great in the space under View14. Something needs to be built on that empty lot across the street. This block is probably one of the best for location in the Ust/CH area. It’s almost equal walking distance to the center of CH, all of Ust, Ad Mo, The 14th St corridor and even Dupont.

    I hope the city starts working on the rehab of the large Sec 8 housing building on Belmont before it falls off the hill down onto Florida Ave.

  • I live on 1300 block of belmont, I love it

  • Can someone explain the logic in trying to preserve “affordable” in an area with rising property values (i.e rising tax revenue) while simultaneously expanding an already abundant supply of housing that tends to limit the continued increase in property values?

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