New Building at 3910 Georgia Avenue, NW has topping off ceremony

From an email:

Today is “the signing and placing of the last piece of steel on our building at 3910 Georgia Avenue, NW. We are one step closer to completing this gold rated LEED for Neighborhood Development project. This innovative development will include a 130 unit mixed income apartment community, and a state-of-the-art neighborhood health center to be owned by Mary’s Center.”

What do you think of the rendering?

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  • Looks great! Another big step forward for Georgia Avenue …

  • 3910 is the building next to Wendy’s…

    Why didn’t they include balconies?!

  • What’s a neighborhood health center? Is it going to have a gym for the neighborhood?

  • The building is amazing. Almost all of the building will be for folks with an income between $40,000 and $60,000. The top floor will, however, be at a market rate. Why? Because each apartment on the top floor has a stunning view of the national cathedral or downtown, as do the apartments below. But the apartments on top will each have individual balconies. The development company continues to hope that they can take over the Wendy’s space to expand the concept, but that is a difficult initiative. You may notice a sparce number of windows on the southern side o fthe building. That’s because zoning allows another building to be built directly against the southern wall, if the space occupied by Wendy’s is ever opened to development.

    The ground floor occupant will be Mary’s Center. You can Google them to find out about what they do. They plan to bring wonderful medical services to individuals of all backgrounds and incomes to the neighborhood. We will make certain they are able to talk about the plans for their center and their services at a local Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting, likely to occur in September.

    Let’s all hope the increased density also motivates Safeway to redevelop their property across the street, and that the owners or carekeepers of the building next door can use this development to help them move forward with the revitalization of their property. If all goes well, we will all be able to welcome the reopening of Carribbean Belly.

    David, ANC 4C06, [email protected]

  • The original plan from the developer was to have a gym in the building (if I remember correctly, it was either Results or Golds).

  • It was Results. But that fell through several years ago. I’ve heard about the health clinic over a year now. While the gym would have been great, a clinic is also good to have in the neighborhood. I think the building looks terrific. Much more contemporary than previous images I saw and I like the trellis on the front and the green roof. Great they are going for LEED certification.

    And I do wish them luck on the Wendy’s…one day.

    • The only way that tearing down that Wendy’s would be acceptable is if a brand new Wendy’s restaurant is incorporated into the new structure.

  • “130 unit mixed income apartment community”

    If it turns out like another 4100 Georgia Avenue, it’ll end up being a pretty building full of people who’ll still have issues despite moving to better digs.

  • The sidewalk crowding hulking thang next to Wendy’s? Release the cracken!

  • i like it just fine, otherwise. Is “keep off my sidewalks” the new “get off my lawn”?

  • Are the apartments above Yes organic market section 8? Every time I walk past there people are blocking the sidewalk and the lobby looks like a gang has taken it over. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • i hope the building is inviting of mixed income families because dense pockets of poverty leads to disinvestment and an erosion of the infrastructure that supports vibrant communities. it’s often popular to promote low-income, affordable housing, but too much leads to check cashing establishments supplanting coffee shops, restaurants and other employers. GA Ave needs mixed-use facilities, and families of economic diversity.

    • cleanwheels – i think i can understand what you’re getting at, but suggest you school yourself on the difference between section 8 and affordable housing. it’ll go a long way to support your argument.

  • I am also concerned about the establishment of apts above the Yes Organic Market. My now 8 year old son attended Bridges PCS (wonderful Pre-k -K charter school) on Taylor. When they were building those apts I remember thinking can a working -class single mom acquire residency here and if so, would I be comfortable considering the riff-raff that linger in the area? Needless to say I never applied and now I live in Petworth elsewhere, and I dont think it has anything to do with the development allowing Section 8/any public housing residents to live there but more so about what the requirement was for move-in. I dont think just because you have section 8 vouchers you can live in new digs and enjoy the amenities of a great school, half a block from a metro station, and an organic market to boot??! Yes I am jealous, I work my butt off and make just enough to NOT qualify for vouchers or any assistance. I pay my bills the good old fashion way. I work. I am interested in 3910 Georgia the “New” thing in petworth and I intend on following through with this application. I will keep you posted 🙂

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