Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill/H St, NE

This rental is located at 11st & Maryland Ave NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This boutique-like 2 story 1 bedroom 1 bathroom Capitol Hill Row home is located one block from Maryland Avenue NE and 1.5 blocks from the H Street Entertainment district and is perfect for the professional working on/near Capitol Hill (15 minute walk) who enjoys the conveniences of work and play nearby!

The row home is historic in architecture with wooden and carpeted floors, a combination of exposed brick walls and an operating wood fireplace. Wood floors recently refinished, look like new! Newly bricked back patio, great area to enjoy an afternoon in the sun or an outdoor BBQ. Patio furniture included.

The large upstairs bedroom has an open floor plan with a skylight which allows easy access and a large amount of sunlight to filter in.

The house is pet friendly (we had a dog there ourselves!). The rent includes an ADT security system which is monitored 24/7 by ADT. Other utilities are extra.

The H Street Entertainment District is less than two blocks away and features unique restaurants and other entertainment venues, perfect for young professionals!”

Personally I think saying “H Street Entertainment District” is a bit too formal… What do you guys think – does $2045 sound reasonable for this 1 bed row house?

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  • That’s a crap ton of money for a 1 bedroom in DC, but if you have a dog, sometimes you don’t have a lot of options.

    • +1

      I pay $1650 for a basement apartment about 4 blocks (closer to Union Station) from here. Yeah, it’s a lot for a basement apartment, but it was the only place I could find 1)on/near Capitol Hill (and I’m actually glad I found a place on north Capitol Hill since I do utilize H Street quite a bit) 2)that allowed dogs and 3)with a washer and dryer (I am lazy when it comes to laundry, so this was high up on my priority list).

      • You want in unit laundry too! That’s like the trifecta of landlord heaven. You’re making someone’s boat payments.

        • Yeah, I pay a lot for where I am, but after I lived with in-unit laundry (when I had a roommate and lived in a building out in VA), I knew I didn’t want to go back!

  • Kind of a weird ad. Basically says, pay a lot to sleep here after you drink on H St!

    What’s the kitchen like? Dishwasher? Washer/dryer? Anyone can find out what bars are near the place – duh, it’s a big city. What else is in the house?

    • Most ads for real estate near H Street have similar wording– I guess the bar scene is the only angle the seller/landlord has to work with until H Street is more developed.

  • I like how it says that the skylight allows ‘easy access’ – for a burglar or what?

  • Anyone else get the feeling these people are trying to flee the scene real quick and dump this place on the first unsuspecting person to answer this ad? Sniff, sniff … yep, this smells desperate.

  • Hard to know without seeing pictures and having a sense for how big it is. Young professional couples with dogs are flocking to Capitol Hill near H Street, so it could be reasonable if it is good sized and in decent shape. Best of both worlds to have Capitol Hill neighborhood charm and H Street entertainment options.

  • I live a few houses down and pay not too much more for a 3 bedroom

  • Two grand a month covers a lot of mortgage at today’s rates. I’d think you could buy a place like this for that kind of money.

  • Too expensive. I had a 1 bedroom at 9th & C NE for $1100 up until last year. Also this is not convenient to the metro or the bus.

    • Two blocks to the X2 (and future streetcar) isn’t convenient? Two blocks the other way to the D6 isn’t convenient?

      Just curious: Do you know what “convenient” means?

  • @mappo – not everyone wants to own. I never understand when people see rentals and say, “that’s comparable to a mortgage,” because it’s apples and oranges in a lot of cases. Some people may not be planning on living here forever and don’t see the point in buying or some people may be “rent for life” folks.

    All of that said, this does seem high to me. And why does it say, “1 block from 11th and Maryland?” Why not just say where it is, exactly? Anyway, I think 1800-1900 is more like it.

    • Good point about not everyone wanting to own! And, even for those who do want to own, not everyone can just come up with a down payment out of thin air.

      That being said, I agree, I think $1850 or so would be more reasonable. This would be a good deal if there were some sort of den that could be made into a second bedroom, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case (although, it’s hard to tell for certain).

  • Does anyone have an opinion about the neighborhood around here? I’ve been seeing a bunch of apartment ads on Craiglist for this exact area of the Hill and was wondering if it was comparable to Adams Morgan/U St in terms of safety

  • Is 2045 a joke? You could live in pretty much any neighborhood if your budget is $2000 for a 1br. Thats ridiculous.

  • It’s a two level house — I’m surspised no one’s even mentioned the size. Really, this could be a very fair deal based on square footage and quality of renovations, but it’s up to the posters to convince us with additional pictures and details, which they haven’t yet IMHO.

    I mean, if you got twice the square footage of a basement apartment, a couple blocks away, isn’t that worth an extra $400? Plus, it’s not in a basement.

    • I know some people object to high rises, but you could get a place with a pool, workout center and a concierge for $2k. What does a place at one of the Avalon properties run these days?

  • Just so you know, I paid 2k for a 2 bed/1 bath two level minihouse EAST of Georgia in parkview (so probably same size sq footage as this place)…and I think for the remodeled kitchen, washer/dryer and the space it afford my dog it’s a grrrrreat deal.

  • I lived in two separate places in that same neighborhood, a huge 1 bedroom for $1050/mo and a two story 3 bedroom with a patio and washer/dryer for about $2100, this place is way over priced for the neighborhood.

  • If it’s like our house, it’s probably 11 to 12 feet wide and about 950 square feet of living space. Ours divided into 2 bedrooms and has a half bath. but you also get a good sized yard. guess it depends on how much you like having that.

    I’m guessing it’s between F and G, given its description.

    The people probably bought it for $390K, had to move and are hoping to just cover their mortgage.

    PS people mentioned the X2 and D6. There’s also the X8, which is the closest bus.

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