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Here’s a reader submitted photo of a guy on a roof talking on his cell phone. The reader writes:

“Why is this guy on top of this building? Looks like he was talking on
cell phone. Spotted this as amtrak pulled into union station”

Your captions in the comments and winner picked Friday.

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  • AT&T – more bars in more places

  • That cloud looks like an elephant….and that one looks kinda like a donkey.

  • Can you hear me now?

  • T-Mobile – Stick Together….but not on the metro, or in a building, or on a DC street…

  • Apple iPhone thefts are getting so bad that DC residents are scaling rooftops just to find a safe place to chat!

  • epic hangover, bro!

  • Can you hear me now?

  • “So, I’m like down here watching my Phillies beat the crap out of the Nationals, and I come to the bus station and ask the guy, ‘Hey, I need to get a bus back to Philly,” and he says, “Oh–you haven’t heard? There’s a new Greyhound helicopter bus that’ll take you to Philadelphia in half an hour for the same price.’ So, I’m like, cool, and he shows me the stairway to the helicopter bus pad. But I’ve been up here like two days, man, and I haven’t seen helicopter one.”

  • Hangin’ out in Greyhound’s new No-Frills Passenger departure area.

  • “Yeah, I’m supposed to be in DYRS custody now, and you’ll never guess where I am!!”

  • Ok, this re-enactment of “The Hangover” really sucks.

  • Since Columbia Heights and H St NE are getting too homogenized, the great American Urban Hipster must flee to find new habitats for douchebaggery

  • Due to budget cutbacks, Peter Pan was forced to personally inspect his entire fleet of buses.

  • If “Summerbreeze” was your ringtone and yes it is that catchy.

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