More on Building Getting Rehabbed at 11th and Monroe Streets, NW

About a week ago a reader noticed that construction was slated to begin on the long vacant building at 11th and Monroe. Thanks to a reader for noting the developer’s Web site, Madison Investments:

“1020 Monroe is situated at the corner of Monroe Street and 11th Street NW in the heart of Columbia Heights. Madison investments will begin construction on the building on May 19th 2010. The building will be developed to present 28 luxury 1 & 2 bedroom condos ranging in size from 675 -1100 SF. The building also features approximately 7,500 square feet of retail space divided into 6 units that will be re-designed to present attractive and modern new storefronts. The anticipated construction time for this project is approximately 12 months with anticipated sales beginning in June 2011.”

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  • …and more retail space!!

  • …is a good thing! bring it!

  • Watch out, or Jim Graham will come by and make sure the owner converts it all to section 8 housing!

  • Yay! Envoyez les miserables à Clichy Sous Fairfax!

    We need more associates from big law firms in Columbia Heights. This will be perfect. They can play boules at that park on 11th and Monroe, and possibly displace the drunken clique of Latin hobos that runs that place.

    • los hobos? or los lobos? it’d be awesome if the park was populated by the latter. non stop la bamba.

      really, though, it’s hard to match your snarkiness. i assume you’re reflecting on the irony of the fact that the neighborhood can’t decide between massive “town center” style buildings that bring more yuppies, or a park overrun by leering drunk guys who don’t speak english.

      i, for one, hope they open a cricket wireless phone store. god knows we could use one of those in this area. this 2-block radius is severely underserved.

  • Very excited for the retail space! Exciting!

  • fantastic news, especially the retail 6 spaces. this project has the potential to add to the 11th st. corridor cluster of smaller, local businesses. personally, I’m hoping for more restaurants/cafes. a bakery would be nice too.

  • Is it crazy to hope for a dentist or doctor’s office? Or childcare? Something other than a food/coffee/drinks place? I’m excited for the new barbershop moving in on 11th down a couple blocks from Monroe.

  • guessing there’s some LIHTC or an equivalent somewhere in this deal, and what about inclusionary zoning?

  • don’t get too excited: “The anticipated construction time for this project is approximately 12 months with anticipated sales beginning in June 2011.”

    bets on actual move-in dates? i’m buying the June 2012 square in the pool.

    • I’m excited even that it will be a construction site, even if it’s going to take that long. Better that than an essentially abandoned building.

  • Yeah, forward movement on this space is fantastic. My hope (and expectation) is that these much smaller retail spaces will be priced to attract the sort of small businesses that can’t afford to go into DCUSA. Moreover, the developer has an incentive to bring in businesses that will be attractive to potential buyers. Things like a small book / record store (probably the longest shot, Amazon and itunes killed that industry), a cool second-hand store, a good ice cream place, the aforementioned bakery, a butcher / cheese shop, someplace that sells prepared foods / dinners, a sushi place (particularly with sushi to go), lots of possibilities could do really well especially as 11th street begins to attract more and more people due to (a) extra housing (b) Meridian Pint (c) the continued popularity of Bloombars / Redrocks / Wonderland / Room 11 a few blocks south and and (d) the refurbished park. I think once this project plus the other development on the street is complete, there will finally be critical human mass to make a wider variety of businesses viable, especially considering that Georgia Ave. is slower to develop, so 11th Street can also attract a lot of folks living to the East as the metro area fills in.

  • 5 years ago, there was talk of the Cashion’s folks opening up a restaurant and a butcher shop in that building? Not sure if a Cashion’s-priced restaurant would fly there, but a real butcher shop/fresh seafood market, would be excellent. Anyone heard anything about that?

    • Cashion’s was going to go in the newly built building at the corner of 11th and Park Road, where Meridian Pint will be. The building at 11th and Monroe was not the location in question. Perhaps Cashion’s might want to have a look now?

  • i live on 11th. I really hope this building has a parking plan (underground). People on 11th are NAZI’s about parking because they apparently think they own the city public parking spot in front of their houses. A lady that lives by the soccer field will yell at folks trying to park in front of her house. Apparently she owns that portion of the city street.
    but then again, maybe this will finally bring the gentrification to 11th street. YES more gentrification and faster gentrification!!!!

  • I can’t imagine there will be any underground parking, and there seems to be few-to-no places to park on that building’s property. Parking is going to become a big issue on 11th between 28 additional residences (not to mention, eventually, another 8-10 if and when the tan building is FINALLY finished), plus Meridian Pint, plus the six new retail spaces. The thing is, between the Giant and DCUSA parking garages just a few blocks away, CH has more surplus parking than maybe anywhere in DC. I’d love to see the area businesses band together to get a few valets who could maybe strike a deal with the DCUSA and/or Giant lot, or maybe the nearly-always-vacant large lot by the church on Sherman Ave. (certainly, that lot is always empty in prime evening business hours). As for the residential units, well, hopefully the close proximity to shopping, metro, bus, and tons of zipcars will attract people who are car-less, because otherwise parking on 11th will be a zoo.

    BTW, I am 95 percent sure that the Cashion’s Place was indeed going to be a taco-type place and was indeed slated for this building, but that was years ago and I seriously doubt that is a viable prospect anymore, especially since Cashion / her partners ended up opening a taco place elsewhere. I do think a butcher-shop where you could also eat in would be fantastic for the area; even better would be a place to get fresh fish.

  • Don’t be so skeptical about the pace of renovation. The team behind the Drew condominiums (on Sherman between Lamont and Morton) finished really quickly.

    Great news for the blocks east of 11th St too. Any type of food store or market would be welcome! I have just about given up asking the owners of Arthur’s Grocery if they might have skim milk one day. (Note Arthur’s serves great ice cream cones — very cheap!)

  • I hate to be a parade rainer, but what is the advantage to a business owner of this location? If the business district North of DCUSA on 14th st can’t get better tenants, and GA-Petworth Metro can’t get better tenants, why would this place get magical tenants that want to be somewhat isolated from both of these commercial districts?

    I’m genuinely curious.

    • Can you define “the business district North of DCUSA” by block or cross street? Immediately North, from Monroe to Oak has many older established businesses own the real estate and don’t really have much turnover. Further North from Otis to Spring has some turnover, but not massive vacancies. So I’m not sure how motivated they are to change the tenants, if existing tenants pay the rent. New improvements command higher rental rates, but don’t necessarily change the capitalization rates. You can’t get a better tenant than the one who pays the rent and obeys the laws. The majority of the clientèle going to 11th Street is different than those going to 14th b/w Otis and Spring.

    • Neighborhood serving retail would probably do well. i.e. butcher shop (already mentioned), bakery, child care, vet, etc. Where as Petworth and DCUSA retail is geared to drawing visitors from across the region because of their metro proximity. So, retail trying to draw folks from across the region would not do well in this spot, but local neighborhood services probably would do well. Hopefully not more liquor/nail salons/carry out places though.

  • If the rents asked for in this project are the same as the other spaces on 11th Street, the only businesses that will be able to afford it will be bars.

  • There is a totally different feel to this area than there is on 14th or certainly Georgia Ave. Redrocks and Room 11 certainly haven’t suffered from this location, for example. Moreover, by being on 11th, a retailer is proximate to two major development hubs, Petworth Metro and Columbia Heights Metro, and can attract folks from both or anywhere in between.

    In terms of rents, I don’t know, I heard the place next to CH Coffee was asking only 1000k a month, which is nothing … too bad that both tenants (first CH Coffee, now the restaurant group that was going to build out “Barrio”) have managed to lease the space for months without actually doing making any discernable progress on the space, frustrating!

  • Because the 11th st party zone is the hot place to be

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