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  • More people there at drum circle-time Sunday than I have ever seen before. Consistently the best people-watching scene in DC.

    • unfortunately, way too loud for us neighbors living around the park.

      • saf

        They’ve been there more than 25 years. Didn’t you know they were there when you bought?

      • It’s a public park for crying out loud. The drum circle has been there for over two decades and Malcolm X has been a major center of social and political gathering since the 60s.

      • Ooohhh, then you’re really going to be unhappy about the electric guitar circle that me and my friends are organizing every Saturday afternoon at the same time.

  • Does anyone know if the old restrooms down near the fountain have been renovated? They were closed for a long time.

  • “No Team Sports” haha.

  • restrooms near the fountain are open but disgusting. new restrooms at top of park have been unveiled and are nice

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