Dear PoP – Beware of Scum on the Streets

by Prince Of Petworth April 11, 2010 at 10:23 pm 21 Comments

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“Dear PoP,

A man (approx 50s, toothless) in a baseball cap in a bright blue two-door hatchback tried to get me into his car on 6th and D Streets, NW across from Au Bon Pain as I left Woolly Mammoth Theatre at 9:15pm (Sunday evening). 911 would not help me report it to the police – as I had to be in DC to make the report – I basically left as fast as I could, got in my car, and drove off.”

Everybody remember to keep you guard up.

  • Nate

    Age and dental state surely are helpful, but there’s an obvious omission in the description – complexion. Let’s not be so PC that we can’t even properly describe individuals that appear to be a danger to the public. In such cases I don’t want to ASSUME the perpetrator is black, so for goodness sake, just state what the individual looked like. Thanks.

    • DCresident

      can I be non pc and assume you are white?

      • saf

        You’d be wrong. He has repeatedly stated that he is black, and that he has issues with young black men.

    • Nate, you make a good point. However my experience in this country is that when race is not mentioned, the completion is white.

      • HenryVII

        Wrong, wrong, wrong (at least in the DC metropolitan area). When a criminal’s race is not stated, 9 times out of 10 that person is black. The local reporters don’t want to offend people.

      • Nate

        Canadian, I agree that in more general context if race is not mentioned in a description, the person is likely white simply b/c whites still make up the majority. But in negative context, such as in describing a perpetrator, too often people are afraid to mention race if he/she is in fact a minority. I’m all for being sensitive about racial issues, but some people (especially a lot of whites that aren’t comfortable with the issue) go overboard. Its not really a big deal. Its just a pet peeve of mine that people can be so afraid to to talk about what’s often the elephant in the room here in DC: race.

  • ontarioroader

    Can you clarify “tried to get me into his car”? Did he say “hey baby get in my car” or did he physically grab you [battery] and attempt to force you into his car? I know you were probably shaken up either way, but there are always about a dozen police officers about 2 blocks north at Verizon Center/Gallery Pl/China block. You may want to double check in on the MPD 1st District listserv:
    and ask if the 911 call-takers assertion that you have to be present to make a report was correct. Either way, you should still make a report, especially since you have a good description of the guy and his vehicle. Very likely not the first time the guy has tried this.

  • jules

    Horrifying. I am glad you are OK and got away safe. The aftermath of these things can be bad, when you sit there thinking about what might have happened. It’s very scary.

  • PersonWhoWasApproached

    The man was Caucasian; approx 50s.

    • Matt G

      No he wasn’t. He was white. If he was Caucasian, then he was from the Caucasus region of Euarasia between the Black and Caspaian seas.

      • Anonymous

        Please, use Euro-American in the future.

        • Anonymous

          how do you know if they are “american”?

    • BungieBoy

      You have yet to clarify if this person actually laid his hands on you, physically trying to force you into his car or whether it was just a verbal invitation.

      Makes a big difference. I’m not trying to downplay the seriousness of an actually attempted abduction (if that is what happened), but if all he did was call out to you, then I think developing some thicker skin would go a long way toward feeling more comfortable in the city.

  • RD
    • LOl priceless…..

      being a motorcyclist I thought that “Scum on the street” with the location map ment like crap in the street I need to avoid.

      I also wonder if he was just very aggressive with his demands that she get in his car, or was he trying to jump out and toss her or him in. If he look like Brad Pit would she/he would have got in?

  • Are we going to start reporting every attempted crime on PoP? Really?

  • LOL you guys all crack me up. love this site.

  • Lady

    I don’t think being a dirty old toothless creep is a crime. By “try” to get you into his car did he threaten you or have a weapon? If not, it would hardly phase me. Being cute sometimes comes with a price. Everyone should ALWAYS be on guard though.

    • BungieBoy

      you’re assuming the PersonWhoWasApproached is a female AND cute. Interesting. Some crazy toothless man on the street trying to lure people into his car is probably not too discriminating.

  • Greg Pendleton

    There are a lot of Vagrants from Archives North and East to China Town park. I was doing a topographic survey there last year for about 2 weeks and became very famaliar with a lot of them. One in particular we named the dangler, because he would keep his pants open and shake his thing at those that walked by. Even in the window of Starbucks.
    I called the MPD a few times, but they didnt seem to come or care.

    14th and Mass is also a good place for bum attacks.

  • Bitter Elitist

    Call the non-emergency number if you still haven’t made the report (which hopefully you will have done by COB).


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