Judging Buildings and CH Plaza Fountain Back On!


I’m surprised we haven’t judged the Park Road Community Church (above), located on Park Road just west of Sherman Ave. Ed. Note: More on Sherman Ave redevelopment coming later this week. This is a pretty unique looking church. Any fans of the style?

And thanks to twitter user @yooooken for sharing the great photo below.


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  • Glad the CH fountain is on – does anyone know when the water will be turned back on in Meridian Hill Park?

  • I walked by the fountain on my way home yesterday and there were tons of little kids running around and getting soaked! Such a sweet sight. The fountain was a great idea!

  • since no one has chimed in on the church’s “style,” i will.

    hell no! looks like a nice little piece of suburbia was airlifted and dropped down in the middle of the city. gross.

  • i walk by that church 4-6 times per week. i hate it. it’s so fugly. but it’s here to stay. a little color via some good gardening and planters might liven it up a little.

  • That church reminds me of Lauinger Library on Georgetown’s campus. Ugh. However, it might be really nice looking on the inside and there’s no way to tell from out here. The tower-y part has a big, south facing window which probably gets a lot of light on Sunday mornings.

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