EatMore Fried Chicken has not closed, Becomes EatMore Chicken?

Thanks to all who wrote in after last week’s Has EatMore Fried Chicken Closed? post (Georgia and Quincy Streets, NW). It looks like they’ve gone the way of KFC and are de-emphasizing the fried part. I still like the name but I’m not sure if EatMore Chicken has the panache of EatMore Fried Chicken. Or perhaps they just haven’t put up the ‘Fried’ part of the sign yet…

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  • It’s all part of the “going healthy” trend.

  • They should be wary of being sued by Chik-Fil-A for encroaching on their “Eat Mor Chikin” ad campaign.

  • the sign was absolutely filthy, and i saw one of the women who works there on a ladder cleaning it the other day while the letters were removed.

    with such an awesome sign and name, i was really hoping for more from them – it’s really just another carryout place that doesn’t even necessarily specialize in fried chicken. after eating there, my guess is that their chicken is probably frozen/bagged/sysco, though i’d be glad to hear otherwise.

    they are, however, super nice!

  • I’m looking for the eat more ‘grilled’ chicken option.

  • Yeah, let’s drop the BS – that place sucks.

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