Years ago I went in the green one during an open house. All I remember is the completely bizarre loft above the 3rd floor master bedroom. You had to climb a ladder to get to it, and the whole thing, floor, walls and ceiling, was a (slippery) polished marble shower. I wish I remembered the details…all I really remember was thinking it was out of control weird.

  • Kalorini

    The first one was either recently sold or taken off the market (featured as House Porn I believe). Any details on that, or much-needed renovation?

  • la_niña

    second one, love all the stone. if only i were rich…

  • Anonymous

    Such an impossible choice to make! I guess I’d go for the top/first one, since the third floor looks a bit strange on the lower/second one. Don’t get me wrong, I’d take either of them in a heartbeat.

  • Anonymous

    Second one.. look at the amazing stonework and the super fabulous balcony.

    Yup.. if only i were rich too..!

  • That Serpentine (stone), beautiful as it is, is not long for this world. So being a practical guy, I have to go with the latter. Thanks for letting us choose.

  • jt$

    I just walked by the second one last weekend and thought it would make a perfect house of the day. I love it!


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