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Dear PoP – Buddha Bar Opening May 10th has Sweet Entrance

by Prince Of Petworth April 27, 2010 at 4:30 pm 20 Comments

Thanks to a reader for sending the word. I also happened to note that the entrance was looking good at 457 Massachusetts Ave, NW. You can sign up for their alerts here (careful music plays).

Also of note nearby, the one holdout building (formerly home to the proposed Ledo Pizza) now has a for sale sign, I wonder if the owners regret not selling earlier…

  • i don’t think the Ledos ever actually opened.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Thanks, fixed it!

  • JohnDC

    There is no way it will sell for the $2 to $3 million he was offered for it back in 2003. I believe i heard it’s now in bankruptcy after he took out a $650k HELOC to build a Ledo’s franchise.

    He sounds like an old nut.

    • jason

      just an example of someone being super greedy.

      • Anonymous

        He’ll not soon forget what a major mistake he made in not selling at a huge profit years ago when he had the chance. Dumb, dumb, dumb! Maybe he needs to string some balloons around the building and float away like the old man in the movie Up!

    • Thor

      I think that link is to a story about another property.

    • I called about it the other day and the agent said it was $1.5 m firm.

  • Mal

    Oh that’s so funny, I noticed this for the first time this weekend on my way to Union Station (I’m terribly unobservant). I thought it was so funny slash sad that this house was left there. Does anyone know if it’s zoned for commercial or residential? That’d be pretty sweet to live sandwiched between those two buildings. Or maybe not…

    Also, has anyone been to a buddha bar before? Why does the name sound familiar?

  • Jim

    It may sound familiar because there’s a Buddha Bar in San Francisco?

  • PetworthRes

    …and Paris…

  • and beirut

  • Anonymous

    Fine example of a vacant blighted property that should be taxed 1000 times over.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Metrocurean just posted some great photos from inside Buddah bar:


  • Anonymous

    i believe this is the first buddha bar in the united states. take a look at the website.

  • Roz

    I really look forward to the opening of this place, because you just know it’s going to be a huge electromagnet for the douchey types that have taken over a lot of the formerly great bars around town.

  • RD

    Could the owner of that property build up and block the view of a bunch of apartments?

  • there is a Little Buddha in Vegas. affiliated but not the same as Buddha Bar.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    That’s the problem with being a holdout; once the developers figure out a way to build around you, the value of your property drops.
    But this property may be worth something. If he has air rights – the right to build vertically beyond the current height of that home – some commercial or residential developer might be interested. It is a sliver of a property, but a clever architect could make good use out of it. And if there is some interest, the current owners of the buildings on either side and behind might buy the place just to make sure their windows don’t end up facing a brick wall.


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