Dear PoP – Chickens in Rock Creek Cemetery


“Dear PoP,

3 chickens were released into Rock Creek Church Cemetery. As of yesterday afternoon, one chicken has been killed by a predator. I have seen a fox in the cemetery, so that is my guess.

I am not messing with you. I was walking my dog in the cemetery yesterday and I heard a clucking noise coming from some bushes. I walked over to the bushes and saw a black rooster. One the other side of the bushes, 4 boys were hanging out. The boys told me that there was a second chicken in the bushes (I never saw this chicken). The boys then pointed to a third, dead chicken about 20 feet.

The chickens were last seen near the north end of the pond in the bushes next to the slate terrace containing the plexiglass covered bronze crypt.

Chicken map attached above.”

Since we’ve passed April 1st, I’m guessing this is no joke. Totally wild.

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  • You spelled cemetery wrong.

  • bock bock bock bock ba-cock!

  • My guess is either someone got busted/threatened by their neighbors for keeping chickens in their backyard – decided to dump them in the cemetery, or someone’s santeria ritual went awry. There was a chicken that lived under the Calvert Street Bridge a many years back that supposedly escaped from one of the santeria shops on Columbia Rd.

  • My money says the boys killed the chicken… Predators tend to eat their prey.

  • i’m going over there with my dog and catching dinner

  • Hmm, I was in the cemetery on Saturday afternoon, and also heard a rooster crowing, many times. We didn’t see them, but definitely thought it was pretty funny.

    There are foxes in the cemetery as well, so I assume the chickens won’t be around too long!

    The other thing I noticed while I was there is that Tim Russert’s tombstone was put up, a large Irish cross with a bench at the foot of his grave. His tombstone had some flowers, an American flag, and a bottle of Rolling Rock on it 😉

  • Call animal control and they will catch the chickens and send them to homes in the country (no joke).

    No, farm animals are not allowed in DC, nor are “exotic” animals like ferrets and sugar gliders etc. At my training at WHS to foster they were very clear on this. Only domesticated pets are allowed, chickens are not considered domesticated pets. WHS re-homes the illegal animals to the suburbs and country.

  • free range!!

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