Acqua Al2 Opening Soon by Eastern Market

Acqua Al2 is coming to 212 7th Street, SE by Eastern Market. This will be the third restaurant after the original in Florence and the first expansion into San Diego. You can see their current menus here. As a lover of Italian food I’m super excited to try them out soon.

By chance, has anyone eaten at that San Diego location?

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  • Love it! Will be there for dinner when it opens!

  • I haven’t been to the San Diego one, but I’ve been to their original in Florence. It was excellent (although I’ve heard the San Diego location isn’t as good). I’m really excited to check it out a few thousand miles closer to my house!

  • I ate at the San Diego location while home a couple of years ago, and wasn’t very impressed. Some of my family members enjoyed their meals more, but overall it was overpriced for the quality and flavor of the food. I wouldn’t put the restaurant high on my list of places to go, but that may just be me.

  • Upon the recommendation of a friend, I ate at the one in San Diego when I was out there for my organization’s conference last month. Loved it! They reinvigorate the art of pasta indulgence. If this one is anything like the one in S.D., I’ll certainly be heading there when I need my Italian fix.

  • I was fortunate enough to eat at the original location in Florence when I studied abroad in Italy. It was one of the 10 best dining experiences I’ve ever had. The “Chef’s Choice” of pasta dishes to share was incredible. If this location is anything close to what the original is like, then we are in for a real treat.

  • I have eaten at the one in Florence and can definitely say it was in the top 5 meals I have ever had. I am from San Diego and was so excited to try the Acqua there however it was not nearly as good. I even went back again just to see if the first time was a one off and it still didn’t impress.

  • Ari Gejdenson, a Hill native and one of the guys responsible for opening the DC location, was trained at and was involved with the one in Florence for many years. So I think we can expect the Hill location to more closely mirror the Florence location than the one in San Diego.

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