New Coffee House and Bar Lounge Coming to 715 Florida Ave, NW


A new coffee house and bar, The Independent, is coming to Shaw. It is exciting to see new places continue to sprout up east on U Street/Florida Ave. Many of you will surely recognize the location as the former home to renowned urologist Dr. Edward H. Saunders.


The details from the alcohol permit sound very promising, particularly a significant summer garden. The alcohol permit says:

“Coffee House, bar lounge, 199 seats and total occupancy of 235 on first floor and storage on first and basement. Summer Garden with 75 seats and a total occupancy of 90.”

Think it’ll be like a Tryst-like establishment?

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  • I like all these cool, new things coming to the eastern side of the U st corridor.

    • +1 I hope the momentum towards this end of U Street continues! So much potential with the Shaw/Howard Metro and the constant stream of Howard University students and hospital employees.

  • For all the coffee, wine, and beer we drink in this city, we’re going to be needing some good urologists some day.

  • Grammar troll alert:

    renown = noun
    renowned = adjective

    You want the latter.

  • Such a fine line between grammar and typo.

  • this is great news…we need to fill in the gap between 7th st/Georgia Ave and Big Bear Cafe. There are so many vacant & rundown storefronts that can come alive again with the right vision.

    • It is really great to see new things moving into old empty buildings. The march east could continue if ANC 5 supports three potential businesses: Boundary Stone, Baraki Pizza, and Rustik Neighborhood Tavern. These three business would join two other great establishments in the immediate area, Yoga District and Windows Cafe. The corner of Rhode Island and 1st NW has so much potential!

  • I agree – it is nice to have place to visit on my way to U Street area. Would love for Bloomingdale to get all three places open! Then could we continue down Rhode Island to Edgewood?

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